Fan Music:

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Somewareman Soundstone Evolution
As the name implies, this is a recreation of the Sound Stone theme. There's also a little hint of the Eight Melodies hidden in there. See if you can find it.
12/13/12 0.00
Sith Sith's 8 Melodies
As sung by Eduard Khil (not really, it was me)
7/22/13 0.00
tree Ness' intergalactic adventure(final mix)
as much as i hate to submit pretty much the same song again, i wasn't pleased with how the first one turned out. so i fixed a bunch of stupid stuff in this version, and there is one VERY IMPORTANT, if small, update that adds to the song.~Tree
3/11/09 0.00
Pimpshi Monster of the Tempest
As funny as the Toto sailor is, the gripping truth was that the battle with Kraken wasn't exactly a bundle of laughs.
10/16/08 0.00
YumeMaxx This Letter's For You
Arrangement of 'Letter From You, My Sweet'. One of my favorites!
Also, my first (hopefully of many) Fan Music submission! =D
10/22/08 0.00
Krennthief Mountain Number 1,101
Another wing-song. This time, I play piano. Mount Itoi. Please Enjoy. :D
8/18/09 0.00
b40677 Naming Characters
another midi
6/2/07 0.00
señor saturno Hi hi hi (Saturn Valley)
Another good song :)
3/23/08 0.00
bstring Dance of the Moon Kangaroo
Another entry by bstring. This one is a little more elaborate and shows my affection for FX. Please enjoy!
1/14/07 0.00
señor saturno Battle with a weird opponent
another battle song. I hope you like it :P
4/13/08 0.00
luigiman77 Eight Melodies
Another "not so" reinactment
1/14/08 0.00
Mise Onett Theme
An overview of the theme from Onett, written for electric guitar with a few a acoustic suggestions.
5/4/08 0.00
mr.emu 16 Melodies (orchestrated)
An orchestrated version of 16 Melodies from mother 3
3/12/12 0.00
earthdyedred Out of the Frying Pan
An Orbital/Black Dog inspired remix of 'Paula's Theme' and 'Battle Against a Weird Opponent.' OCRemix turned it down immediately and I have no clue why (feel free to edit album because of that), but it should find a home here. This was also my first noodling with my software synth (I've since used it to complete my fifth album). Let me know what you think: [email protected]

Brandon Isleib/earthdyedred
4/9/08 0.00
Katon Twoskan
An old song that I'll probably never finished, this was intended to have vocals over it by myself, with a rap in the middle by other folks, but that fell apart. Here's what came of it, and maybe I'll toss vocals on it one day.
3/3/08 0.00
Somewareman Broken Childhood
An experimentation with some different piano soundfonts. Its a remake of Youngtown/Paula's theme
5/1/12 0.00
Zafum Boy Meets Girl - Orchestrated
An epic orchestration of Ness' adventure, particularly his journey to Twoson.
12/18/10 0.00
Pitch We Miss You - Theme of Love (English Ver.)
An English version of Mother 3's ending song. Sung by EileMonty, lyrics adapted by me.

7/1/09 0.00
Renard The Might Of Four
An electronic arrangement of Pokey Means Business, flowing into the Giygas battle... uh, music? Audio? Whatever it is, here is my rendition of the last few intense minutes of battle, more terrifying and daunting than ever. :]
10/14/08 0.00
Claus' Twin Giygas' Lullaby
An eerie-sounding song I made just the other night. It's very outer-spacish.
6/26/08 0.00
Henry Midfields Welcome Home!
An attempted orchestral remix of Ness'/Paula's Home theme (EB version of Pollyana's theme).
10/8/06 0.00
random_encounter Poltergeist Panzer Pandemonium
An ambient/metal remix of the cemetery, tank and poltergeist themes from MOTHER
11/1/08 0.00
Minyobi National Song Of Ham And Crown
An alternate take on the Pigmen Anthem from Mother 3...At least it eventually gets there. My Second submission.
5/15/07 0.00
Embezzle Epic Melodies
An action-y remix of the Eight Melodies of Mother!
4/11/10 0.00
Reverend Mother - Intro
An acoustic verion of Earthbound Zero's Intro.
5/18/08 0.00
matilda_caboose Hometown Rhythm!
An Acapella of the Onett theme.
3/3/08 0.00
LeonardoGolden Dangerous Onett
An a capella I made just a few days ago.
6/26/08 0.00
eb0ebm3 Mother (EarthBound) 8 Melodies Ocarina
Also uploaded to YouTube, this is what you get when you mix and ocarina and mother :D. Please ignore the scratching noise..that would be my dog, though it kinda fit in so I left it there. The echo effect was done in GarageBand
4/5/09 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci All That I Needed Redone
All That I Needed from Mother 1, redone.
9/30/06 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci All That I Needed
All That I Needed (Live House music, in Ellay)
8/22/06 0.00
bstring Freedom Song of the Moon People
AKA: Winters. Me on drums, guitar, and fake bass. Entry into Holiday Funfest 06. Actually got me 2nd/Stylish.
2/14/07 0.00
bstring Dance of the Moon Kangaroo
AKA: Apple Kid's House Theme Yeah. With Guitars, drums and fake bass. Enjoyeth.
2/14/07 0.00
Ranger The Shortest Mother Mashup Ever
aka The Hippie Plays Snake Rattle n' Roll
5/30/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Beach-Calming-Mother 3
Ahh, this relaxing beach song is mellow, calming, and slightly sad. One of my favourite tracks from the game. Sounds much better with headphones on!
8/5/10 0.00
MasterZ Eight Melodies In Your Deepest Memories
Ahh the memories.
4/9/08 0.00
Penguinguy MOTHER EARTH accordion
accompanied with a slow bass switchemup. need someone else to acompany me for some more killer parts.
8/15/08 0.00
Mise Twoson tab
A ye old tab I never finished till now.
12/4/09 0.00
Mise Twoson tab
A ye old tab I never finished till now.
12/4/09 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Defeated Courage
A wintery and somewhat sorrowful blend of the 'Flying Man' and 'Game Over' themes.
12/27/06 0.00
JamesPicard_007 Because I Love You...
A winter-themed remix of the classic Earthbound town music.
3/27/05 0.00
matilda_caboose Threedy Theme
A vocalized version of Threed.
6/19/08 0.00
matilda_caboose Through Smiles and Tears
A vocalized version of 'Smiles and Tears'.
6/19/08 0.00
matilda_caboose Bustlin' Fourside!
A vocalized Fourside theme.
11/16/08 0.00
señor saturno Home ... Sweet Home
A very nostalgic song...
5/3/08 0.00
Carbon Dog The Azure Abyss
A twisted remix of sorts, from Happy Happy Village. :)
10/9/07 0.00
Dougertous Reading TAB
A tutorial on reading TAB
3/17/05 0.00
Nutsjesmoar The Sound Stone
A trippy version of the 8 melodies recorded on the sound stone.

Warning: may cause slight seasickness? Heh, it's weird I know, but I figured the sound stone is such a strange and alien artifact, and it caused Ness to get lost in his own mind, so it must've been really something strange to hear. Well, anyway it's a different take on it I guess.
7/6/08 0.00
GlaciesofPacis Pollyanna on Piano
A take of Pollyanna, kinda a different feel every now and then.
1/15/12 0.00
señor saturno Cave Jazz
A sweet version of 'save the miners', but a jazz version ^^U . Enjoy.
3/23/08 0.00
AlbinoPiglet Destroy The Demons
A spooky yet melodious blend made using only earthbound/mother sounds!
10/25/07 0.00
Yves Out of Zombie Paper
A spooky development of one of Earthbound's most overlooked and unloved themes, with some little extras sprinkled on the side.
10/16/08 0.00
viewtifulday Sound Stone
A soothing choir rendition of the Sound Stone melody.
7/31/08 0.00
Yokuba King of The World
A song I made for a PK Hack of mine using the Earthbound music engine.
12/10/08 0.00
xfisjmg1 Hey There Andonuts
A song from Tony's perspective. Parody of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White T's.
7/26/09 0.00
Psychodelic Shark Tooth Pile
A small mix I made using some sound clips from Earthbound. I'm still in the process of developing it, hopefully to a longer track.
7/2/08 0.00
Joseph Collins Field 3 - "The Desert Between"
A slight S3M arrangement of the apparently overlooked "Field 3" theme from Mother. Truth be told, I'd never played the game through, but this theme is used as a basis for the "Dusty Dunes Desert" in Mother 2/Earthbound, so I figured I'd just call it "The Desert Between Two Towns" myself.
1/20/07 0.00
Mise Chaos Theatre Tab
A simple, little blues piece. Good for beginners, and enjoyable for everyone!
10/5/08 0.00
(Kumatora) Green Trains
A simple remix of the green train song in MOTHER 3.
1/12/09 0.00
Bubblewrap Sound Stone
A simple remake of the sound stone eight melodies. Not too complex.
5/31/08 0.00
CodyTheChosen Chosen Boy Meets Girl
A simple guitar instrumental of "Boy Meets Girl" (Twoson).
8/4/10 0.00
CodyTheChosen SoundStone [Acoustic Version]
A shortened combination of the 'SoundStone' and 'Smiles & Tears' themes.
10/26/08 0.00
CodyTheChosen SoundStone
A shortened combination of the "SoundStone" and "Smiles & Tears" themes.
10/28/06 0.00
bmoney ZombieThreed
A short version of the Zombie Threed theme done with drums, bass, and guitar. Drums so I could keep tempo. It's nothing special as I lack proper recording equipment, but oh well :)
10/12/07 0.00
Revariance Sound Stone/Twoson Melody
A short all guitar arrangement of the Sound Stone Melody leading into the Twoson theme. I'll finish the whole thing eventually, but at the time I was having difficulties.
3/25/08 0.00
Skotein Raise Your Voices
A short 8 Melodies arrangement from MOTHER/EarthBound Zero. I've taken some time off from reorchestrating Pokémon music to focus on school work, but I recently sat down and arranged this to practice some self-restraint (in using fewer melodies in a song, ironically). Who knows? I might do some full-fledged MOTHER songs in the future. :)
5/22/10 0.00
Gauntlet Money (That's What I Want)
A Runaway Five song. Enjoy my foolishly-written sax solos.
7/9/08 0.00
JakeRose Wonderin' (Boy Meets Girl)
A rockin' cover of "Boy Meets Girl" with original lyrics by Jake Rose. Check out more at
12/5/11 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mother 3 Title Rock
A rock version of the music that plays when the MOTHER 3 title appears before chapter 1.
6/26/08 0.00
Craide2A03 This is Intense, Guys!
A rock cover of Intense Guys.
1/8/09 0.00
GyrowolfenZ Destroyer Anthem (Reorchestrated)
A reorchestration of one of my favorite tunes from Mother 3, Destroyer Anthem. Enjoy!
2/6/09 0.00
Master Chicken Welcome to Threed
A rendition of Threed's music, somewhat in the style of Ikana Canyon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
10/28/08 0.00
3R2 MOTHER - Pollyanna (Remix)
A remix version of Pollyanna from MOTHER on FC

[Original Melody © Nintendo]
8/25/08 0.00
Monobrow Monobrow - Last Day Together (Love Theme Remix)
A remix of the Love Theme from Mother 3.

I also made a video and put it on [url=]YouTube[/url]

I love Mother 3, I made this song a couple days ago to capture the innocence and joy on the last day Lucas, Claus, and Hinnewa spent together. If only Flint had been there... Mother 3 is a beautiful game, and I thank Shigisato Itoi for making it, and the wonderful people that spent years translating it to English. You are wondeful people!
10/8/11 0.00
PKSkyler Snowman`s Winter
A remix of snowman and winters themes, all in one. Techno, as usual. The drums are used to bring the pieces together, cause i couldnt megre them otherwise ;^_^ Enjoy....
12/11/08 0.00
3R2 Pollyanna Christmas
a remix of Pollyanna
merry christmas
12/7/08 0.00
IWontGetOvertheDam You're Such a Hero
A remix of Mother 2's Eight Melodies. Meh.
3/6/09 0.00
qpringle1 Cease to Exist
A remix of "Pokey Means Business" from EarthBound that I made in an hour and a half. Made in FL Studio and Audacity.
3/27/12 0.00
DoniMusic Earthbound - Hospital, Friendly Neighbor's House, Choose a File (Doni's Reggae Remix)
A reggae mix of the tracks "Hospital", "Friendly Neighbor's House", and "Choose a File". Enjoy! You can also find this on Youtube @
7/28/10 0.00
.GamerBluePK Eight Melodies (MOTHER 2)
A recreation of the MOTHER 2 (EarthBound) Eight Melodies theme. Enjoy.
2/17/10 0.00
señor saturno A Flash of Memory
A realy nostalgic song
6/22/08 0.00
xfisjmg1 I Am Earthbound
A rap song I wrote and recorded for the 2006 Winter Funfest. You can view the lyrics <a href="">here</a> or watch the music video <a href="">here</a>.
4/4/07 10.00
Voetozeto Fun Naming!
A quick little arrangement that I made. One of my favorite MOTHER3 songs, too.
10/10/08 0.00
TMF128 Mother 3 - Theme of Love (Piano)
A piano version of the Love theme (strings not included.)
9/20/09 0.00
aurilliux Threed, Freed of Worry
A piano arrangement of Threed's theme, once the zombies are destroyed and the sun shines once more.

DISCLAIMER: Piano isn't my primary instrument, and there are a handful of wrong notes in there, but it's still a good tune.
10/10/11 0.00
matilda_caboose The Modster Mash
A parody of the famous Halloween song 'The Monster Mash'.
10/7/08 0.00
luigiman77 Sound Stone
a not so good reinact ment of the sound stone
1/14/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Twist the Summer Away
A nice acoustic guitar version of the Mr. Batty Twist! I find it to sound almost Indian at times... Kinda short though... sorry.
11/13/08 0.00
CoolHandTim Journey Through Threed
A musical journey up to, during, and after the liberation of Threed.
10/21/07 0.00
nesstj Runaway Five Dance
a music that is like runaway 5's music!
12/17/06 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mother 3 Piano Medley
A Mother 3 Piano medley with some of the better songs. Over 6 Minutes Long!

I could have made it much longer...but I thought 6 minutes was pushing it. :P

Listen and see if your favourite song is played! Or just read the list...

Theme of Love

Mother 3 Logo

Piggy Guys

Unfounded Revenge

Strong One

'Final' Battle-King P's Theme

Duster's Theme

Magypsy's Tea Party

Monkey's Delivery Service

Etude for Ghosts

Mr. Batty

'You Call This a Utopia?!'

Victory/Level Up


Please Enjoy!
11/6/08 0.00
Chippychan Lullaby for The Lonely Boy
A Mother 3 Orchestration of the Love Theme. Enjoy.
2/26/11 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak MOTHER 1 3 in 1
A MOTHER 1 Medley featuring Bein' friends, Wisdom of the World, and All I needed was you. I WROTE NONE OF THE MUSIC. I JUST SING. XP
11/3/08 0.00
Pepsicola Superintendent's House
A module of the Superintendent's House music.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Spooky Cave
A module of the spooky cave jingle.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Pollyanna
A module of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Pollyanna
A module of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Ninten's House
A module of the music in Ninten's house.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant
A module of the Magicant theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant Cave
A module of the Magicant Cave theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant Cave
A module of the Magicant Cave theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Live House
A module of the Live House music.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Healer Itoi
A module of the Healer Itoi theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola EarthBound Zero Medley
A module of the 8 melodies and the Pollyanna theme mixed together.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Pollyanna (slow)
A module of a slow rock version of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Onionman Poltergeist Bass Tab MIDI
A MIDI that accompanies "Poltergeist Bass Tab" by Onionman.
2/12/05 0.00
Deezer Pollyanna Guitar Tab MIDI
A MIDI that accompanies "Pollyanna Guitar Tab" by Deezer.
2/12/05 0.00
Onionman Paradise Line Bass Tab MIDI
A MIDI that accompanies "Paradise Line Bass Tab" by Onionman.
2/12/05 0.00
Onionman Merrysville School Bass Tab MIDI
A MIDI that accompanies "Merrysville School Bass Tab" by Onionman.
2/12/05 0.00
lewahi Eight Melodies
A MIDI of the original Eight Melodies from Mother with an original counter thrown in. This is my first Mother MIDI.
2/22/07 0.00
OnionManX Christmas In Onett
A MIDI mix of the Onett theme with a Winters feel.
3/26/05 0.00
chujelly94 Sound Stone
A Midi I made.
4/20/07 0.00
Zafum Life of a Trumpeter
A medley of the trumpeter's theme from Onett.
12/18/10 0.00
MrNameless Sunrise Over Eagleland
A medley I produced for a Music Tech class. I noticed a lack of orchestral versions of Mother songs, so I made my own in Reason 4.
11/5/11 0.00
apollokioku Giygas Battle Remixed
A lovingly remixed version of EarthBound's final battle!
3/6/06 0.00
Z-Row Giygas Drum Mix
A long, creepy remix of Giygas's theme with added percussion effects.
3/26/05 0.00
FierceDeity Theed Live Guitar
A live rendition of the Threed theme, with guitar and percussion.
3/26/05 0.00
Cheeseits The Saturn Valley Beat
A little tune I created a while back, I thought it turned out pretty well for my first time using FL Studios.
10/16/08 0.00
Mise Wisdom of the World
A little serene piece of music from the original Mother, that plays during Ninten's visit to the castle in Magicant.
10/11/08 0.00
PKdekunut Magicant Remix
A little musical arrangment of Magicant I did on a Roland HP207 electronic piano.
9/11/10 0.00
HuskyInDenial Zombie78
A little hip hop beat I made for fun out of samples from Earthbound music :D I plan to do a rap over it later, but for now, here's the beat!

Music: Husky In Denial (
Samples from Earthbound
8/9/12 0.00
bstring Freedom Song of the Moon People
A late entry into the funfest. Hope it is of useable quality. Made by bstring with a cheap 5-piece drum set and 2 electric guitars, one with a bass string to simulate a bass. It's my personal take on the Winters BGM. Enjoy!
1/7/07 0.00
matilda_caboose ~Because I Love You~
A kinda sorta wishy-washy sung version of the ending theme.
8/13/08 0.00
ThePhotoGuy Midnight in Fourside
A jazzy version of the Fourside theme.
11/5/10 0.00
Ness Winter in Summers
A holiday take on the Summers Midi
12/24/07 0.00
PKSkyler Metropolis Onett!
a hard hitting remix of the onett theme. contains lots of bass. techno, trance, hip-hop style!
12/2/08 0.00
slicemasterflex Smaaaaaaaaash Sumthin!
A halloweeny parody of Redmans Smash Sumthin.
11/1/08 0.00
onionthe3rd EB0 - Credits Mix
A Halloween-themed remix of the credits music from Earthbound Zero.
3/26/05 0.00
Tansunn Pollyanna (guitar)
A guitar version of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
SoniK Traveler Hotel Morning
A guitar TAB for the morning hotel music! Please post!!
Tabbed by myself
6/2/06 0.00
TheReverendAG Fourside (Less Crappy Version)
A guitar only version of my Fourside track. Better than the other one times 100.
9/29/06 0.00
Somewareman Bothersome Beat
A funky fresh remix of the first battle theme in MOTHER 3.
5/1/12 0.00
iceman Tenda Village (Gummi Remix)
a fun remix of the tenda village bgm
3/6/07 0.00
Chippychan Misplaced Revenge- Orchestra Remix
A fun little remix I made of one of my favorite battle themes from Mother 3. 8D Hope you guys enjoy it.
12/9/08 0.00
TheReverendAG Onett (Timing Resolved)
A fixed version.. sorry, I keep jumping the gun! Anyway, here's Onett with a banjo and guitar.
10/3/06 0.00
daxxglax Summers: The Eternal Tourist Trap
A first attempt, weird suave tones abound. Warning: May induce the urge to recklessly spend cash on kitschy tourist goods.
3/25/09 0.00
Master Chicken Christmas in Eagleland
A festive piece; a medley of the EarthBound town themes and other songs, with a Christmas carol embedded in each. Try to find them all!
12/14/08 0.00
KingDarian A Night in Threed
A dramatic reading of the poem by KingDarian
10/13/07 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Home of the Zombie Circus
A dark, evil circus remake of the zombie Threed theme.
3/21/07 0.00
onionthe3rd EB0 - Creepy Mix
A creepy remix of music from Earthbound Zero.
3/26/05 0.00
(Kumatora) Bells of Earthbound
A couple tracks from Earthbound holidayized!
1/6/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Giygas used PSI Rockin'!
A cool, jamming intro to Giygas' Battle, and then BOOM! Heavy Freaking Metal at 0:54!
6/26/08 0.00
PsiHeroNess Fake Snow
A cool synth remix of winters, inspired by Digital Winters.
1/6/08 0.00
Chippychan Mother 3 Orchestra Collection
a compliment of a few Mother 3 pieces that I translated into orchestra format. Taking 3 weeks of hard work so that it could be released with the fan translation, but I'm a few days behind. xD Hopefully the peeps at will enjoy it

Love theme
Porky's theme
Gentle Rain
Memory of Mother
18 melodies
8 melodies
10/18/08 0.00
Zafum Phantasmagoric - Orchestrated
A complete orchestration of the Mother 3 song, Phantasmagoric.
12/18/10 0.00
Katon The Halloween Funfest 2007
A commercial made for Radio PSI for the funfest. :D

Props to Mazedude, Cromkayer, and Unlimited Lumpia for music.
10/8/07 0.00
Somewareman Porky's Palace
A combination of Porky's Theme, New Pork Cinema, and the song that plays in Porky's room full of women and a centaur.
7/9/13 0.00
Amstrauz Lonely Mountains
A collab piece recorded by Mikerophone and myself (Amstrauz) for the 2012 Halloween Funfest! Inspired by the "Somewhere, Someday" track from Mother 3.

Credit goes to Mikerophone for the trumpet, drums and post-processing. All other instruments and sounds were played by myself on an electric keyboard that ran into ProTools.
11/5/12 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia A Minor Holiday Scuffle
A blend of "Deck the Halls" and an Earthbound battle BGM!
1/10/08 0.00
Mise Nightmare on the Mountain
A battle theme from Mother.
1/3/09 0.00
Onionman Poltergeist Bass Tab
A bass tab for the poltergeist music.
2/12/05 0.00
Onionman Paradise Line Bass Tab
A bass tab for the Paradise Line theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Onionman Merrysville School Bass Tab
A bass tab for the Merrysville School theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Dougertous Battle Bass Tab
A bass tab for the battle music.
2/12/05 0.00



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