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spaanoft Mini: Poing
It's sort of like one-player pong with yourself!
8/14/05 0.00
Erniewan EarthBound Crossword
It's not exactly a drawing, but hey, it's art! See if you can finish this puzzle, where you have to think with an EB-mindset.
5/30/08 0.00
Blue Protoman Console Wars
In this Earthbound-themed game, you must destroy Xbox 360s and Playstation 3s under a 3-minute time limit. You can play as Ness, Paula, Jeff, or Poo. At the end of the 3-minute limit, they each have individual cutscenes. I don't want any lovers of 360 or PS3 to flame me for this, so if you don't have anything constructive to say about this game, stfu.
9/22/08 0.00
White Sesame Seed Incomprehensible
Imagine the moment you enter Giygas's lair and the Devil's Machine is turned off. This sounds best with headphones on, but you should be warned that it can be a bit... unsettling.
6/17/10 0.00
The Dave Dusty Slots
I'm a broken slot machine... But the Sanchez Brothers and their friend are a very cheerful trio... They will make you happy. Would you like to insert a buck? The classic trio are back! With quirky going-ons on the road! How much cash can you get this thing to dispense?! The program has been zipped for your convenience.
7/24/07 0.00
Frida S PK Starsorm - WindowsXP Bootscreen
I though I would make a MOTHER related WindowsXP bootscreen, because I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!

So basicly this is a "bootscreen" for Windows XP. This will show during the Operating System Logo when you start your computer.

The theme is; PK Starstorm! With a picture of Ness(Right upper corner) and one of Lucas (Left upper corner). I've replaced the original Windows XP logo(in the middle)with a "MOTHER XP" logo ;3 I had to keep the colours to 16-bit, thus the bootscreens colours are BLUE and GRAY!

I take NO credit for the pictures or the fonts.

NOTE: You'll need a program called Bootskin to apply the bootscreen! BootSkin is a program that changes the bootscreen without replacing the Windows kernels ;3

How to change the bootscreen on your computer;

Step 1: Extract the foler (PK Starstorm Edition)to your desktop. (Install Bootskin if you have not done that already)

Step 2: Find the directory for the skins in your program folder. Like this: My ComputerLocal Disk(C)ProgramsStardockWinCustomizeBootskinskins

Step 3: Now just drag the Bootscreen folder (PK Starstorm Edition)from your desktop to the "Skins" folder.

Step 4: Run Bootskin

Step 5: There is a list of available bootscreens. Choose the one you would like to have. Click "Apply"

AND YOU'RE DONE! Next time you start your computer the new bootscreen will be shown! =3

The bootscreen has been tested for bugs. It has also been tested by some of my friends and it works perfectly fine on an average Windows XP :)

IMPORTANT NOTE!: If you are working on a very unstable computer you should NOT apply this bootscreen for your computers safety!

Enjoy ;)
7/7/08 0.00
Mezacoo Wait
I made this screensaver from the wait.swf. I posted it on an anonymous site (4chan) and was refered to come here and upload it by Reid
7/1/08 0.00
optikalsaint Google Android EarthBound Soundboard
I created a Google Android soundboard application for EarthBound. You can download this application for free from the Android Marketplace. You can read about it on my blog at

Rocco Augusto
10/13/09 0.00



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