Fluke Guidelines:

When making flukes, keep these new guidelines the center of your attention. There are many situations where a fluke ends up falling on its face because of a huge error in making it, that causes it to be ridiculed. If your flukes do not meet the guidelines when under review before the latest update, and are not added as a result, do not submit it again without the proper changes.


  • .PNG and .GIF are the only acceptable filetypes.
  • The naming format for your files should be "(yournamehere)-(flukenumber).(extension)" IE "MansionManiac-05.png"
  • All submissions must have a resolution of 256x223.
  • Do not use any sprites that are not from EarthBound. "Cameo" sprites are often regarded as lame and unnecessary. Crossover flukes between Mother games are accepted at discretion.
  • No outside usage of painting tools, or Photoshop effects, unless done in a manner that doesn't extravagantly warp the way the game looks. If it's not seen in EarthBound, we don't want to see it in a fluke. The only exception are user "watermarks" at any corner of the fluke.
  • Please be subtle about your watermarks, we understand you want to be credited for your fluke, but don't make it an eyesore on the fluke itself, keep it to the corners.
  • If you don't use the game fonts (Dubbed "EarthBound" and "Orange Kid"), please use a similar-looking font. (Note: the fonts will be downloadable here, shortly.)
  • When submitting a fluke, be sure to give it a title. If you don't, one will be provided for you.
  • This one is merely conjecture, but if your fluke is considered confusing and needs to be explained, it's worth making the fluke easier to understand.

This isn't asking too much, for a section that's ridiculed as having the worst material on the site, the least you can do is combat it by following the new guidelines. Now that you have them burned into the front row of your brain, make yourself some flukes and submit them to the flukes section!



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