Halloween Funfest 2012:

Turn off all the lights, grab some popcorn, and peek through your fingers because the Halloween Funfest 2012 is about to begin! Don’t be embarassed if you scream. Nobody will know it was you. And if you aren’t interested in simply settling into your seat to watch the parade of spooky, scary fun, then you can always be a director. Create a piece of handart, compart, writing, or audiovisual work and submit it to be in the running for great prizes. Scare the pants off of your friends! Make Emily wet herself! Watch Stevesesy run from the room screaming like a girl!

Create as many Mother-themed submissions related to Halloween as you like, but The Academy will only award one prize per person. When the movie is over (or is it?) will you be the last character standing, or are you fated to be the first to stumble and thrash in an over-acted cinematic death?




1st Place in Category (Handart, Compart, Writing, or Audio-Visual)
2nd Place in Category (Handart, Compart, Writing, or Audio-Visual)
3rd Place in Category (Handart, Compart, Writing, or Audio-Visual)


1st Place Overall: Avatar on the forums, rank on the forums, Mother 2 cartridge, 1st place badge
2nd Place Overall: Avatar on the forums, Winner’s Choice of One Shirt from the Fangamer Store, 2nd place badge
3rd Place Overall: Rank on the forums, 3rd place badge


1st Place Spookiest: ???
2nd Place Spookiest: ???
3rd Place Spookiest: ???

Section Judges:

Handart: HockeyMonkey

Favorite Horror Baddie: Ghosts. Unless you mean some particularly classic baddie, to which I say: Ghosts.
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: Tommy? Tommy loves Twizzlers.
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: Alas poor Radiation, I knew him well. A most excellent fellow of infinite jest.

Hockey is pretty sure he can’t be killed, so you’re wasting your time if you’re going to try.

Compart: Aangie

Favorite Horror Baddie: Hannibal Lector!
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: Reeses Cups!
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: CURSES! MY CLOSET IS FULL OF THEM!

I got a rock.

Audioviz: Cyan683

Favorite Horror Baddie: Zombies. The non-running kind.
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: Something that doesn't cost $10.
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: "Ow." ("Ow of Surprise" copyright The_Voice, 2008)

DJ Mon the Mad Cyantist is provided courtesy of Radio PSI.

Writing: Emily

Favorite Horror Baddie: zombies
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: red licorice
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: "Ah! A skeleton popped out!"

Emily is totally not afraid of the dark, so there is no need to turn off the lights to test whether or not she is. Because she isn't. Please don't turn off the lights.

Writing: Simonbob

Favorite Horror Baddie: The Figurative Backstabber
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: GIGANTIC PRETZEL
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: "oh hey mr peterson how are you"

I used to be like you, but then I was attacked by something out on the moors. Now whenever there's a full moon, I turn into a harp seal.

Writing: ohboy

Favorite Horror Baddie: Count Dracula.
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: Malt Balls, original or Strawberry flavored.
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: “Hey! Get back in my closet like I paid you to!”

I’m pretty sure my cubicle is haunted by the ghosts of past coworkers.

Spookiest: Stevesesy

Favorite Horror Baddie: The Thing
Favorite Movie Theatre Snack: Sour Patch Kids
What would you say if a skeleton popped out: BONES

You ever hear about that kid that hated scary stories? Yeah, no one ever heard from him again. HE WAS MY FATHER.

Overall: Everybody Listed above



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