Mother 2 Player's Guide:

Mother 2 Player's Guide

Description provided by NinjaBoyNeo
Alright, well, I can't read japanese, but it's kinda like the EarthBound Player's Guide they released here in the USofA. There are alot of joke ads involving stuff in the game, like the Grey Hand Bus etc. There are also photographs and other realistic things used as items and backrounds to make the book liike like a travel guide. A few of the bonuses are there are clay models that are in there that were not even in the M2 CD booklet, ie. the tough guy model and zombie dog. (Also there are a lot of models with different angles of ones already seen, they make them looks more dynamic.) There are names of the characters too, for instance Poo's master is called Yee-soo-chi, That infamous telephone head guy is called Denwa and Star Master is called Ryan-Woo-Pa, the images that do not have clay models are also very well cropped graphics, not just a terrible screenshot.

There is also a collection of pictures, where you can get all the photographs. Although it's in japanese, everything seems VERY thorough. Every time the game begins a 'new chapter' there is some nice conept art of the area it's based in.. ie. lost underwordl has a few mountains and the dinos peeking around them. There is also some info about musicians (no idea who they are) called BAAAD Trip, I think they had something to do with the music of the game. And finally, in a nutshell, it's alot like our guide (without the smelly cards, hehe.) Only they have additions like; each person who had a large part in the making of the game and a description about them, weird how japan takes things like that seriously.

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