Ball & Chain Mr. Saturn:

Title: Ball & Chain Mr. Saturn Plushie:
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Licensed: Nintendo of Japan / HAL Laboratories
Release: June 2010 (JP)
Dimensions: 11cm
Price: ¥?
Rare Rating:
Get It: eBay
Game Swag

The Ball & Chain Mr. Saturn could be found at Japanese arcades in various styled UFO crane games. This was a limited time prize manufactured by Banpresto, who also made the Incognito Mr. Saturn Plushie and Giant Mr. Saturn Plushie. Ball & Chain Mr. Saturn was reportedly more common as the same UFO crane game also contained only a few of the Master Belch Plushie. Both are part of a set called Geppu’s Base (Master Belch’s Base) and come complete with a Jar of Fly Honey tag.




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