Ninten is as average as a 12-year-old, psychic-powered American boy can get. His abode is located on the outskirts of a suburban town called Podunk. His father is constantly away at work, only able to give minimal amounts of comfort to his son via the telephone. Ninten has two adorable younger sisters, a kind mother, and a pet dog. When the lamps and dolls in his house begin to attack him after being possessed by a poltergeist, he goes on a trip to realize his potential and learn of the secrets left behind by his great grandparents.

Despite being twelve, Ninten's enthusiasm for baseball bats not only makes him one of the strongest characters you'll get on your journey, but he also slowly gains PSI abilities as the game progresses. He can't shoot flames from his arms or bend spoons, but his superb skill with defensive and healing PSI can keep the rest of your team together. Coupled with his amazing strength and a will of fire, these qualities make Ninten taking the alien menace alone almost feasible. Despite having a severe case of asthma, this young boy stands a fighting chance against the greatest enemy the planet has ever faced.


Hailing from the small town of Merrysville, Lloyd is the youngest of the group, being only 11 years old. At Twinkle Elementary, his school, Lloyd is picked on and bullied by his classmates. Because of this, he hides himself within trash cans on campus. In his solitude, he plots revenge to the school which so harshly rejected him. His first friend was Ninten, who helped allay Lloyd’s fears in society.

Lloyd is not skilled in the art of PSI. In fact, he has no PSI abilities at all. However, he is a master of technology and fights using guns, flamethrowers, and bottle rockets. While his offense is not terribly great, his array of weapons makes him a worthy ally of Ninten.


Ana is a 12-year old girl from the cold winter wonderland of Snowman. Being the weakest of the party members in terms of strength, Ana can’t venture away from her home in fear of being attacked by the hostile local wildlife. However, with the protection of a strong, loveable boy like Ninten, she has nothing to fear, so long as she has her hat.

Her greatest skill is her mastery of the PSI arts. She can conjure up fire, she can freeze her foes, she can command lightning, and she can shoot out an incredible beam of raw psychic energy. Her frail body can't withstand much of the toil of battle, so she'll fall more often than any of the other characters. However, her powers make her a useful member of the team.


Teddy is the leader of the BB Gang, a group of ruffians that dominate the dense city of Ellay. Being the last member of your party, little is known about him, except he's quite strong and an expert with bladed weapons. After a brutal barroom brawl, he joins your party in order to avenge the death of his parents at the hands (tentacles?) of aliens. He is incredibly strong, but can't use PSI in any form.


An oddly familiar girl with characteristic pigtails, Pippi starts out as a very weak companion, but she grows stronger very fast. Sadly, Ninten only spends a short amount of time with her. He saves her from the cemetery, earns a sweet kiss, and gets a very helpful item, the Franklin Badge.



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