Welcome to the PK Hack section of! PK Hack is an extremely powerful tool that allows users to edit the EarthBound ROM as they see fit. There is very little in terms of what cannot be changed in the EarthBound ROM, with the only limiting factors being the user's free time and imagination. With PK Hack, anyone can create their own little fan game using the EarthBound engine.

If you're ready to hop into the world of PK Hacking, then you'll want to mosey on over to our Utilities page to get the latest version of PK Hack. If you're already a hacker, then take a look at some of the links near the top of this page for documentation and resources. We also have a wide selection of Hacks for you to try out, just don't forget to grab an emulator like ZSNES, SNES9X, or bsnes if you don't have one already!

We also have our own forum on the Forums. Come on over and say hi, we promise we won't bite! :)

WE DO NOT HOST THE EARTHBOUND ROM ON THIS SITE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE EARTHBOUND ROM. The most we can do is link you to Google and tell you to start from there.

Featured Hack of the Month:

January 2013:Holiday Hex by H.S and Mr. Tenda (with music by Reg)
Official Forum Thread

Holiday Hex is a collaborative project between Mr. Tenda and H.S, who are among the best hackers we have in the PK Hack community. This hack took forty days to complete, and even though it might be short, it stands as a testament to what exactly can be achieved with CoilSnake and a little effort. Holiday Hex has brand new maps, a cute story, dialogue with a sense of humor, and even new music in some places composed by Reg! Please be sure to check it out!

Submission Rules and Guidelines:

So you want to submit something to this section? That's cool. You can submit things in a variety of ways, like sending a PM to me with a link to what you are submitting, or by using the Submission Form (Just be sure to pick "PK Hack" as the section!). We try to add things as we catch them on the PK Hack forum, but sometimes we may miss something, so if you don't see a hack/resource/document/whatever on the site and it exists somewhere in cyberspace, be sure to let us know!

That said, we do have rules that we would like you to abide by when submitting things, specifically hacks. So here they are:


  • Hacks must make a significant change to the EarthBound ROM. This includes complete script overhauls, experimental hacks that change or add major gameplay elements, or completely new games. Simple graphic hacks will not be accepted. If you want to submit graphics to the site, submit them as a resource.
  • Do not submit the actual ROM. Send an IPS patch instead, preferably in a .ZIP file.
  • Keep your hack family-friendly. Keep your hack PG-13 or under (or to put it in ESRB terms, keep it rated T for Teen or under)
  • Hacks must be finished. They don’t necessarily have to be in a final version, but if you can’t play a hack from start to finish then don’t submit it. Demos will NOT be added to the official hack database, but we will make mention of them in our news posts.
  • Please tell us in the description (or in your PM) what you are submitting. Is it a story hack? Is it an entirely new game? Is it a sprite? Just tell us! :)

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