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Dr Shlub Threed Naga-Uta 151 line poem
Wow... that took a long time, and I broke the record for the longest Naga-Uta poem as well.
11/4/08 0.00
EBsessor Bound by Fear
With nothing to keep themselves going but each other, this is the journey of four destined children through fears untold.

After reading this, feel free to visit the Writing Discussion/Previews thread on the Halloween Funfest board for a full, detailed description. I do hope you enjoy.
10/8/07 0.00
(Unknown) Winters
Winters Theme (oboe)
3/17/05 0.00
Stevesesy Youngman by Stevesesy
Who is this man?
9/29/06 0.00
H. Armored Hamster Zombies Are My Neighbors
What happened to the zombies after the Threed Incident?
11/21/05 0.00
Treasure Ness's Halloween Party
Well, this is a poem written by me in the last few minutes once i read "NO BMP". Yeah, it's okay. It rhymes so yeah. Knock yourself out.
10/26/06 0.00
H. Armored Hamster Back to Saturn [LP]
We're talking homesickness, on an intergalactic level.
8/10/05 0.00



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