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JaxinGodzilla Lucas's Thoughts
A 36 line poem describing Lucas' feelings.
4/8/10 0.00
jonotime From a Third Mother
A poem about Lucas from Mother 3 battling the evil Pork King.
4/5/10 0.00
Aquas Duster's Music
A poem about the happenings of Duster... roughly.
11/11/08 0.00
Vyre The Laboratory
A short poem about one of the many victims in the world of Mother 3.
11/11/08 0.00
Clayman Duster's Fright
A poem I wrote about Duster in Osohe Castle
11/7/08 0.00
Aquas Messages to Dad
More or less a letter to Flint from Lucas reflecting the events of Mother 3 leading up to the climax.
11/6/08 0.00
Aquas Leder's Dream
A look outside of Nowhere Islands and into Leder's history and emotions via dreamview. A free-form poem.
11/6/08 0.00
Yoshi Koshi The Mind is the Strongest Weapon!
A little poem I made after I finished all three games. It might not be the best, it is my first fan made object after all...
9/23/08 0.00
Oiracul Porky's theme (With lyrics)
It's Porky's theme from Mother 3, with lyrics.
2/20/08 0.00
prettymanfairy Halloween Pig Mask Anthem
M3 Spoilers. Song/Battle cry written at a King P. perspective. Halloween themed
10/15/07 0.00
josh Mother 2 - Mother 1 - Mother 3
3 Haikus. Contains Mother 3 Spoilers.
10/13/07 0.00
PoeTrader A Different Halloween
A poem written from Lucas's perspective. Chapter 1 spoilers!
10/9/07 0.00
ziggarot Beach Bossa
Song Lyrics - Original lyrics set to Mother 3's Newpork
Bossa, track #220 on the sound player. Thanks~!
2/3/07 0.00
ziggarot His Playroom
Mother 3. Inspired by Music Player track #159.
2/3/07 0.00
lewahi Mother 3 Song 249 - Lyrics
I made some lyrics for Song 249, 16 Melodies (Start)
10/5/06 0.00
SimonBob Are They Playing Mother 3?
Sing it to the tune of "Do They Know It's Christmastime?"
1/10/06 0.00
Zup long_time_waitin
1/7/05 0.00
Xander ballad_of_eb64
1/7/05 0.00
sam_speer the_mother_3_protest_chant
1/7/05 0.00
reidman mother_3
1/7/05 0.00
Alterio Mother Mother
Song - MP3
1/7/05 0.00
EarthBound X It's Almost Here!
1/7/05 0.00
Kradon Demands on Mother!
1/6/05 0.00
Happy Happyist EarthBound 64
1/6/05 0.00



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