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Plo's Blue Rampage - by emilio

Plo's Blue Rampage

Plo's request, and as his contest, it was HARD coming up with something like this.

Other Submissions by emilio

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emilio Moo Training
A little one-panel comic thingy I made from an idea of PappyCat. Cow attack!
1/4/05 0.00
emilio Friends
A picture of the Chosen Four with Mr. Saturn, one of the most lovable video games characters ever.
1/4/05 0.00
emilio Paula and Sandra
A request by Cecil: he created a fictional character, Sandra, twin sister of Paula. Here's my version.
1/4/05 9.00
emilio Meeellla
As you probably know, I absolutely love Meeellla's art. She can come up with the best stuff with pencil drawing, computer coloring and clay modeling. This little pic shows once again my rendition of her, a shy Tenda gal with a camellia on her hair.
1/4/05 0.00
emilio Plo Strikes Back
Basically a sequel to my Plo's Blue Rampage pic, but more EB related, for this time Plo/the Insane Cultist got Jeff and Ness. Beware the Plo!
1/4/05 8.00


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