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Hotel (Rock Mix) - by Skyrunner

Hotel (Rock Mix)

Earthbound/Mother 2 - MIDI

Artist Comments:
It's the hotel theme, with a rock flavor.

Other Submissions by Skyrunner

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Skyrunner Santa Frank
Entry for the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

I wanted to make a holiday pic using photoshop. No, he isn't stealing poor little kids' presents. In this pic he's a good santa. :)

With this pic I tried to go for a very natural look with minimal lines. I tried to make a super smooth shading transition style by reducing the paintbrush opacity to 15-20% so that I could gradually add darker layers of color. Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome.

(I hope no one minds that I already submitted it to Fanart...)
12/20/05 0.00
Skyrunner Saucer Attack!
This was just a little doodle I drew one evening. It got good feedback on the forum, so I decided to submit it.
7/28/05 0.00
Skyrunner Spider Mech
Originally concieved for a fan game idea, which was later scrapped. This was a few years ago, and I almost forgot about it. Had to scan it and clean up a bit in photoshop to get rid of the notebook lines.
11/6/05 0.00


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