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Dead Where You Stand! - by Spooky Mook

Dead Where You Stand!

Looks like this is Ness's lucky day!

Other Submissions by Spooky Mook

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Spooky Mook Action Pose!
Strike a pose!
5/14/05 8.00
Spooky Mook Dark Mook
Yeah, that's supposed to be my username personified. I really do have green eyes.
1/27/06 8.00
Spooky Mook Dead Where You Stand!
Looks like this is Ness's lucky day!
9/2/05 8.00
Spooky Mook Jeff's First Battle
Fan Art of the Week winner! 6 Mar 2006

Jeff has never had to kill anything in his life. Well, there's a first time for everything.
1/27/06 10.00
Spooky Mook Planet Terror Parody
I just had to cash in on the movie crossover fad.
11/6/07 0.00


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