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Paula's Prayer - by K-S-O

Paula's Prayer

Paula prays as hard as she can to overcome the dark forces of Giygas.

Other Submissions by K-S-O

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K-S-O Paula's Prayer
Paula prays as hard as she can to overcome the dark forces of Giygas.
9/18/05 8.00
K-S-O Natural Killer Cyborg
I couldn't get a clear view of the legs so I decided to portray them as spider legs. (Those who played the last two Mother games should understand why) The background I made is supposed to emulate the background that was used during the battle. Overall, I am satisfied with the result.
1/28/08 9.00
K-S-O Mr. Saturn Tower
Three Mr. Saturns standing on top of each other's heads don't make a very big tower. ZOOM!
9/18/05 9.00
K-S-O Mr. Saturn Mountain
I drew a small mountain of Mr. Saturns sitting on top of that weird Saturn Table.

I want to ride the Saturn Table, would you?
1/28/08 0.00
K-S-O MOTHER3 Group Picture
Just an image I've been wanting to do for a while.
6/28/08 0.00


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