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EB Sticker #6 - Lucky - by emilio

EB Sticker #6 - Lucky

The second couple of stickers for the Starmen.Net Store: the Runaway Five.

Other Submissions by emilio

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emilio Mother 3 Box Art
Fan Art of the Week winner! 2 Oct 2005

My entry for the fake Earthbound Box Art Contest. I was inspired by the traditional RPG japanese games art boxes for this one.
1/4/05 9.00
emilio Onett Sax Man
Fan Art of the Week winner! 15 May 2006

I drew this during the Fan Art Week Jonk held the third week of January: we had to draw some EB characters that weren't normally drawn. I chose the guy playing the sax in western part of Onett.
1/4/05 8.00
emilio Carbon Dog
Carbon Dog's request. Carbon Dog is even one of the evil characters of Earthbound. This time he's using his flaming body to eat a marshmallow.
1/4/05 0.00
emilio Plo Strikes Back
Basically a sequel to my Plo's Blue Rampage pic, but more EB related, for this time Plo/the Insane Cultist got Jeff and Ness. Beware the Plo!
1/4/05 8.00
emilio Meeellla
As you probably know, I absolutely love Meeellla's art. She can come up with the best stuff with pencil drawing, computer coloring and clay modeling. This little pic shows once again my rendition of her, a shy Tenda gal with a camellia on her hair.
1/4/05 0.00


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