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Lucas vs. Claus pt.3 - by Ness X

Lucas vs. Claus pt.3

awwwww...i wanted to make a series..oh well i guess "comic strip" is cool too. well here's part three (i like the veiw from his helmet thru his left eye...:)..)

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Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.7
yeah, this was pretty cool. i just got done watching "Neon genesis evangalion" and i liked how they did the eye's on there so i tried it out, and thats a pretty good explosion in my opinion....yeah but not much talking.
8/20/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.2
the second one (i really like what i did with Claus's gun arm, thanks to all the years of playing and drawing Megaman (Rockman) finally pays off!)
6/18/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.6
i tired some weird view points on this one, so it may not look very good. (sorry im still a littel new tho this whole "manga" thing)
8/20/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.4
i guess i must prove my worthyness of being a series by showing my art...or something like that....anyways did i mention that i would make this battle a little diffrent from the games veiw of the battle? this is my view..what i yeah, it may be diffrent. ( i like Clause....he's so Deliciously Evil!...not in the bad way though...o.O)
6/26/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.5
I finally post this up, its been on my computer for about a month and i didn't do anything. well there will be a few more comming, i kinda stoped drawing around 8ish, and practiced for a while so i hope you injoy! i'm happy that im starting to use the PSI powers!
8/20/06 0.00


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