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Andonut's Rant - by Andonut

Andonut's Rant

Well..... since spaanoft got to rant, I can too! (even though I'm no spaanoft.)

Okay, I've been around for about a year now, and I still haven't done anything worthwhile. Most people don't even know who I am. There's a weak chance that anyone is reading this, but I digress... I came on for love of Earthbound, I stayed for the liveliness of the place (and because I don't have anything else to do) and now, I just don't know. but I'm posting this just so people will know that I exist, (like it matters) it probably won't even be put into the archives....... I guess I just need to put this somewhere, that I feel I've done something, though not important, I'll know that I'm in something... I've been surfing around this site and others like for some time now, and people still don't know who I am... I know I'm no different than other people around here, surfing... insignificant, but I just needet to get myself onto something... with little or no talent, I guess I'll just keep crawling around, watching other people that are worth something be artistic and special and...not me. this'll probably be the first and last article I make, so I'll say it now, goodbye,(like you care) so long,(like you care) from the person you assume is just another teed of lamer.

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Andonut Andonut's Rant
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