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1999-2003 - by Apple Cat


I'm going to do this before I forget how I got here so this is the story of how I got to

I only got EarthBound in 1999 and only got the internet in 2000 so I didn't go to the old when reidman was a webmaster.

The first EarthBound site I went on was a site on GeoCities. It didn't have a forum so I didn't know if there were other EarthBound sites. The site only had one link and it was to the old ebvortex when it was on angelfire.

I looked at some of the stuff but it was time for me to go to school.When I got home I went looking for the ebvortex I forgot the URL so I went to yahoo to search for it. I found when I went to the site I didn't know what a forum was. I remember I used the name Travis in the forum which is my real name but in a week or two I was using the name AppleKid.

I then found a link to the link was to the Mother 3 petition.In about a week I was going to one time a day to post in the forums and stuff.

I was in General Discussion looking for a topic to post in and I found a topic about I didn't know what was so I went and ended up in some forum that TwinPinesMall made. I was going to post in the forum but someone had the name AppleKid so I made up the name AppleCat (I don't know why I took the name AppleCat but it is a cool name).

It's not like the people at made me not like or TwinPinesMall like some people say. I did one or two topics at about how good was.I was even going to help TwinPinesMall when I realized that 90% of the stuff that TwinPinesMall said was made up like all of the Super EarthBound stuff and all the stuff about

I talked to him about this and he said that Nintendo had e-mailed him about Super EarthBound and told him to make all of the Super EarthBound stuff. I asked him to send me the e-mail and he never replied. I then asked him about this in the forum at and all he said was stuff like reidman is a bad guy and that he was sending people like me to make fun of him and he never answered my questions so I got mad and left

I tried to make peace with TwinPinesMall but all he did was make fun of my ideas and

I then went back to and that's how I stared at You can see me in the forums to this day!

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Apple Cat 1999-2003
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