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I'm Old and Getting Older - by Atticus

I'm Old and Getting Older

SO I've found something to write about, and my new years Resolution begins.

With the recent up spurt in activity, due to reid and Tomato's timely re-goodification I find myself reflecting upon lost time, inactivity, and overall not goodness of myself.

I have been coming to this site since, well I don't really remember but it's been something like 2 years or more. Back when I came, I really didn't have any intentions of doing anything for the site. I just really liked the forums, the first I ever inhabited on a regular basis, and the only I felt I could eventually belong too. Back then I did little to really contribute to the topics, had really no aim or purpose, but I was dedicated to eventually become less annoying. I didn't really make any friends or participate in many chats, but I did read, and read, and read. I knew all about the people, the regs, the staffers, slowly accumulating knowledge as to the site and the people who frequented the forums.

From past to present. I had a lot of time to get to know the people out there,but I didn't. No one really knows me. I haven't made any friends other then the people I met at the Continnum Tournament. I spent all that time reading,looking, watching, but never actually participated in anything site related. I had a lot time, could have submitted something. I could write then just as well as now, I could program then, albeit not as well, but I could have started then. Until this day all I have actually done is donate money, it was honestly the least I could, because the longer I'm here, the more I look around, the more I have noticed and come to realize something.

This site is a starting point, a beginning, and the potential for great things formany if not all of you out there. There is so much you can do here, so much to learn, so much to develop that this site truly does great things for a lot of people. But unfortunately, I realized this too late. I am too old to go back and spend hours PK hacking, too old to try and learn to draw again, too old to devote endless hours perfecting a fan fic, too old to spend all my time on such endeavors. With college here, and my future awaiting, I have to start spending my time really getting a hold of my life and making something happen with it.

Which is what I have come to say, all you newbies, all you younglins, all you people who are thinking about making this your home, there is so much to learn and do here that there is no reason not to take advantage of all these opportunities. You still have so much time left, so much to develop, and so much at your disposal that it depresses me to this very day how I wasted my time, ability, and chances at really being apart of this community.

What chances are those? What can you possibly do? Look at all these other articles telling you to contribute to the site. They have a myriad of ideas of which you could consume and make your own. But I ask you to not contribute for the sake of the site alone, I ask for something more important. I ask that you contribute for your future, FOR YOURSELVES!! If you start now, by the time you get to the point in life that you can make decisions that effect you,you'll see how much you have learned and what you really can do.

If you want to program or learn to make your own games, not only are there a ton of resources out there on the web for you, this site offers some of the best help you can get. Learning to use pk hack, and developing tools for it, are of the best ways to start your skill as a programmer. There are all kinds of seasoned programmers out there, far better then I, who, if your nice enough,would be willing to help you get your feet wet. You have the time and if you're reading this, the resources to make your ideas reality.

If you can draw, this site can help inspire you. It can give you a reason to hone your talents. There are some many artistic avenues you could submit your work to, that you could gain experience in, and at the least, give you something to practice your skill at. There are many great artists here, who's work I humbly admire, who would be willing to help out those aspiring towards an artistic future. All it takes is time and the drive to make something happen.

If you like to read, or ever thought about writing your own stories, you have another wonderful resource at your disposal. Fanfics can help you refine your story telling ability by starting you off with some basic guidelines to stay with,to help you grow from, and I'm sure the people at the Fan Forum have plenty of constructive criticism if you ask for it. You could even try you hand at poetry, or writing an article about something you've been wanting to say for a long time. The whole time your not only gaining ability, but your probably getting notice, making friends, and hopefully having a great time. All it takes is your time, and the want to do something you enjoy.

I could go on but the picture is clear, the opportunities are there. The help, the guidance, everything you need to really put you ahead of the game. To develop these skills so young, to learn to enjoy your work, to do something with yourself, and to practice these things on a regular basis will aid you in your future more then your willing to believe. But if you take that chance, and take what I have said as truth, then ONLY good things can happen. All it takes is time. And really that's all anyone has, but you still have the choice of how to spend it. Don't wait until it's too late.

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Atticus I'm Old and Getting Older
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