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Ness = Ash? - by Boomerang

Ness = Ash?

Ness, hero of Earthbound, and Ash, hero of Pokemon. Completely different boys in different worlds with different agendas, correct? Maybe not. Have a look at this list.

Both boys have short names.
They live in a quiet area which is just a quick walk from a city. The building next to their houses is inhabited by a boy of their age and a sibling.
This next door neighbor has known the boy for quite awhile. The boy becomes the archnemesis of the heroes, appearing in the final battle.
Both the heroes and their nemesis' embark on a long journey that takes them to every location on the globe.
Both heroes and nemesis' are approximately the same age.
Though the nemesis' appear in the final battle, they are seen throughout the game as they try to hinder the main character's progress.
Both Ness and Ash have black hair, a backpack, and a baseball cap.

As you can see, this list can go on and on.

I am not going to say that Ness and Ash are the same, but are these facts a coincidence? Read carefully and make your own decisions.

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