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A Pokey of Many Faces - by Boomerang

A Pokey of Many Faces

Most would agree that Pokey is Ness' nemesis. He is that enemy that the hero can never truly achieve victory over. In most novels, myths, and videogames, the hero battles his nemesis in multiple areas of the game. Earthbound is a curious exception. Or is it?

It is commonly believed that the helicopter found in the Deep Darkness is the one that Pokey uses as a getaway vehicle after the whole Monotoli incident. But where does he go after that? Pokey is, on his own, quite a weakling. His favorite attack is to pretend to cry. It is difficult to know exactly when his connection with Giygas began, but if Giygas was the one who inspired him to join the Happy Happy cult, the following theory works.

Perhaps Pokey has special powers, granted by Giygas, that allow him the power to transform into symbols of corruption, namely monsters. What if Pokey IS Master Belch, among other things? The highly technological base that Belch commands is highly reminiscent of the alien fortresses. Perhaps Giygas built this base for Pokey, and he chose the form of Belch when he decided to battle you, escaping when the fight took a turn for the worse. Also, it is apparent that throughout the game, the party is right behind Pokey. Random people talk about a wealthy fat kid.

It is therefore possible that Master Barf, who you encounter near the downed chopper, is Pokey. After all, after he crashed, he probably had nothing better to do than impede the heroes' progress and report there whereabouts. It is a stretch, but you never know....after all, it is Earthbound. Thanks for reading.

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