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EarthBound vs. FF7, Part 1 - by Boomerang

EarthBound vs. FF7, Part 1

I know that Final Fantasy 7 is quickly getting old, so before this topic becomes boring, I will rate it against Earthbound. If you don't know what FF7 is, you should get out more! I will do multiple installments on this debate. Today's topic is "characters: Ness vs. Cloud; Paula vs. Tifa."

First, Ness is much more creative and interesting. It is truly a novel idea to have such a young boy, from a modern-era world, as a hero who saves the earth. Though he is young and doesn't speak, he is strangely believable, and his revolutionary concept is attractive. In contrast to this, FF7 characters are oh so mainstream. I keep getting the feeling that Cloud is some mental ward patient from some General Hospital soap opera, as opposed to a hero who is supposed to save the world. Forgive me if i'm wrong, but isn't it a tradition for the hero to help the situation, as opposed to making it worse? While it is true that Ness goes into his own mind, he is not some Hollywood frivvle.

Also, Earthbound characters are clean. Paula is pretty in her nice dress. A clean, wholesome heroine. Tifa looks like some unsavory street urchin that Cloud pulled off the street. Please understand. I am completely AGAINST videogame censorship. But wouldn't Tifa seem more heroic if she didn't have to be conscious of that miniskirt? And don't tell me that this isn't sex appeal! In her special way, Paula avoids both Tifa's flaws, proving herself to be far superior.

I will compare other FF7 and Earthbound characters in the next installment. I know that i'm going to take some heat for doing this, but it needs to be said. Look forward to installment two!

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