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EarthBound Music - by Jakob Dorof

EarthBound Music

Hi again. This time around, I’ll be stating my thoughts on EarthBound and EarthBound 0 music. Falcon24 says this is the first article on the subject to date, so that’s why I chose it. Well, let’s get to my little rants, shall we?

If I had to sum up EarthBound’s music in one word, I’d describe it with "original." But if I had to describe it with a phrase, I’d say, "very original and extremely addictive." An excellent example of EB’s musical originality would be Apple Kid’s theme. Not only does it fit Apple Kid perfectly, but it’s also just downright bizarre. But it’s the originality and mood that really makes EB’s music addictive. Everyday, I come home, start my homework, and listen to several variations of Pollyanna and 8 Melodies several times over. It relaxes me, and helps me get by that oh so tedious math chapter.

Another thing that’s simply amazing about EarthBound’s music is its huge fan support. It’s amazing just how many different ways a handful of fans can play a single song made for an 8 bit system. (With that, I mean EB0, of course) Loads and loads of fan variations on songs are currently uploaded on, and while most of them are great, occasionally you’ll stumble across a gem that you’ll listen to everyday of your life for months on end. (Especially the ones done by the staff…Kyosuke’s Paula theme variation comes to mind, and so does reidman’s Name Your Character variation, with it’s odd opening.)

What else does EarthBound music do for you? For one thing, it makes you want to play EarthBound again, if you’ve recently stopped. (I’ve had to by force---my SNES decided to stop working one day) And on top of that, it gets you all nostalgic, and gives you that fuzzy feeling inside. (PepsiCola’s EarthBound 0 Medley brought me to tears when I first heard it) But best of all, it makes you want to somehow contribute to the EarthBound community. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear a good Pollyanna variation, I just want to start writing up a new article.

Well, that’s about it. This is indeed a very short article, I know, but I just ran out of juice a tad earlier than I thought. Oh well, expect to see a third article by me soon. And to end on an EB-music-related note, you can expect to see me make an EB song variation myself in the distant future, or as soon as I get substantially better on the violin. :)

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