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Stone Walls, Webmasters, and Cheese - by Luna

Stone Walls, Webmasters, and Cheese

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk, and I started thinking. I have NEVER met a groups of people more non-stonewallish than reidman and staff. When I first joined the earthbound community, I went immidiatly to the chatroom, as was my age-old custom, to try and get to know the people around the site. I expected to see maybe one, or even 2 staff members, and only around meeting time. They would be, I thought, like the rest of the online world. 'Cut off from all human lifeforms' computer geeks who did nothing except update all day. How wrong I was... the first time I ventured into earthbound, I was extremly supprised. Not one, not two, not three or four... but 7 STAFF MEMBERS! And it wasn't even a meeting! Even Reidman was there! I was blown away. Then came the REALLY suprising thing... Reid actually TALKED!! I was amazed. This had to be some sort of plot or ploy... but later it turned out that the Reidman and staff were regular people... not stone walls.

Tomato once said somthing along the lines of "People don't like stone walls for webmasters." I certainly don't. I remember a while back, sending an email to a site I really liked. It hardly got any visitors, and I wanted to help support it. I sent an email to the webmaster, commenting on her awsome website and asking her to reply and waited for 2 weeks. I NEVER got an answer. 3 time I sent an email, 3 times I waited. I was really cheesed off. So cheesed off, I've never visited her site since. So congrats, Reidman and staff, I give you all the Non-Stonewall award! You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

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