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Earthbound Zero's New Name, Part II - by EB 4 GBA

Earthbound Zero's New Name, Part II

Well, here it is, part II of my series, "Earthbound Zero's New Name." For those of you who haven't read the previous article, you should know before reading that Nintendo probably cannot keep the name "Earthbound Zero" for the first game in their series. This would be giving a nod to the ROM hackers who ripped the game, and you should know the rest. If you've read the previous article, then you've heard my ideas for the new name. In this article, I will analyze some of the names submitted to me via e-mail. I only received a couple that weren't mentioned in the first article in the series, but I believe the two original ones are very interesting ideas. To quote Morpheus in The Matrix Reloaded, "Here we go."

The first idea, submitted by Earthbound fan Ozwalled, is to use Greek lettering for the "subtitle." Earthbound Zero would be called "Earthbound Alpha", or "Earthbound Zeta" if Nintendo wants to use the "Z" as a little nod to the ROM-hackers, although I doubt this will happen. According to the submission, this is how the prequels to the "Street Fighter" games were subtitled. In my opinion, It would work much better for Earthbound, since the PSI attacks are followed by Greek lettering (example: PSI Rockin Alpha). It probably would be accepted by most fans. While I find this idea very interesting, since it would tie in with Earthbound's PSI battle system, I honestly cannot see Nintendo using this. Not a bad idea, but it seems a little far-fetched. I can see them doing a subtitle, but I can't see them doing a Greek letter for the subtitle. You never know though, maybe.

The second and final idea in this article is another one that I never thought of, but one that I will actually predict Nintendo using. It was submitted to me by Karl H. His idea is to call the games "Earthbound: Mother 1" and "Earthbound: Mother 2." I like this idea because it keeps the name we non-Japanese people all know and love, but throws in Itoi's original name as well. It also keeps the idea that the mother in the game plays an integral part, adding to the already-sentimental feel and value of the American game. I would bet money that Nintendo uses this. I totally would be down with that, it IS my favorite idea, after all.

Well, there you go. Sorry for the short article, this first round of submissions was pretty slim, with only two original ideas. Both of them were interesting, and I'd even bet money that Nintendo will end up using one of them. Thanks to Karl H. and Ozwalled for their submissions. And to the rest of you with ideas, send me some! If they're original, then I'll probably use them. So please, send the alternate name ideas to the address in the link. This is the Mach Pizza Man...err...I mean EB 4 GBA, signing off.

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