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What Makes an RPG? - by Giygas

What Makes an RPG?

Most players seem to think that the 3rd dimension is the way to go for games. But, few seem to realize what consequence 3-D has on the plot, music, and/or storyline.

You see, RPGs are basically what keep the industry going. And, RPGs aren't RPGs without the Un-3D part (for example: Quest, & FF7, really bit the big one, after the hype disappeared). A lot of the music is also affected can be affected by 3D graphics.

With this point in mind, think about EarthBound 64. What makes EarthBound EarthBound?: The plot. EB relies mostly on the plot, and only partially on graphics. This is also true with The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game relies on it's 3-Dimensional graphics, and not plot, because, as any Zelda fan would know, this game rewrites the history of the original games, acting as if they never existed.

My next point is the music; it adds effect to the game, as well as changing the mood. For example, the music of Zelda 64 and FF7 aren’t as dramatic as they should have been. Many Zelda fans will notice immediately that the classic theme song isn’t anywhere in the game. In both games there is little diversity in the type of music used.

Thus, EB64 may have the same effect, relying on the graphics more than plot and music screwing up the game for thousands of fans... EarthBound 64 could destroy the fun story line, as well as the classic RPG feel that EarthBound barely followed in the first place.

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