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EarthBound Zero: Why It Was... - by Next_EarthBound

EarthBound Zero: Why It Was...

EarthBound Zero has been the most wanted game of EarthBound fans since the knowledge of its existence. Virtually every EarthBound player who has the internet, has heard of it, and many gamers have played it.

To play EarthBound Zero, you have to step on the thin red line of legality. A ROM can instantly be copied and passed around all at the cost of nothing. Nintendo would lose huge sums of money if this was made legal.

Fortunately, EarthBound Zero is a prototype, and it was never released here, so Nintendo is not losing any money. Although, many feel that this is still illegal.

Reasons why EarthBound Zero was never released, I've heard, was that funding was scrapped to produce or transport the game. Other reasons would be that Nintendo did not believe and RPG set in modern times would appeal to many RPG gamers.

With the translation and dumping by Neo Demiforce, EarthBound Zero became a game sought to be played by man EarthBound fans. Nintendo had never predicted this, and in such missed a great opportunity.

The recent delivery of the Mother 1 on Gameboy petition, and the considerable delays on EarthBound 64, have given Nintendo another chance to please their consumers demands. I can only hope they do the right thing.

We are who we are... and that is EarthBound's future.

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Next_EarthBound EarthBound Zero: Why It Was...
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