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Earthbound: A Game for Everyone - by NeoPaula

Earthbound: A Game for Everyone

Before I begin the actual body of the article, I figured I'd go into a preamble about the community itself. Do I think it will work?? Absolutely. Is it dead? Depends on you.

What I'm saying is this: This is a community, not a time bomb. No, it won't explode with change, and no, the slightest movement won't cut 5 minutes off its life. The community will change, but it will only die when we let it die. SO this is my decree: If you think the community is dying, heal it. Go to the IF board or the EB/EB0 board, and just remember the game. Sit down, play it, I don't care as long as you get into the spirit of an incredible game. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I've come to talk about.

The moment I beat Frank, I knew this was a game like no other. I didn't have to rely on a guide, and feel like a moron. For you see, I'm no hard core gamer. This article is coming from someone who actually borrowed a yoshi's story player's guide, and actually bought the game at all. Sad part is, it was much too crappy to even bother beating. Another game I put down after a while was Ocarina of Time. The water temple got to a point where it was no longer fun, and I realized I was wasting my time. I have a low attention span, and I'm just not hardcore like Falcon and dios. SO I needed a new option.

That's when I got EB. I realized that THIS was a game where I could actually feel good about beating, and not just feel relieved to have it done, like OoT. I enjoyed leveling up, and the thrill of beating frank by using something other than sheer luck was incredible. I'm not saying it was easy; I had to fight him 2 or 3 times. It's just that this isn't the game where you need to perfect that exact time to throw the Pok├ęball, and throw the joystick out for DK's double handclap. This was something that actually relied on dedication, and your willingness to play.

Earthbound is a unique game in so many ways, and I'm only actually discussing one. But before I go, there is one person I would like to give a personal note to. After all, that's just the thing to do.

NeoPaula: You are Infallible.

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