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The Real EarthBound - by Nall 64

The Real EarthBound

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first official article! (Its not my very first article though, since I wrote one for the essay contest) Some of you guys might know me from the forums, those who don't know me, well just read this article anyway, you may learn something.

Anyway, moving on, the subject of my article as you may have guessed from the title is about the real EarthBound. As most of you know, EarthBound was greatly changed when it was translated for an American audience. Though some of these changes were made to accomodate cultural differences, others were made because there were certain things in the Japanese EarthBound which is called Mother 2, that Nintendo of America felt younger American children shouldn't be exposed to. For examples of a lot of these changes, you can visit Tomato's old website "Mother 2 To EarthBound And Back Again.." at if you never have before, or if you just want to visit it for old time's sake.

What I'm basically trying to say is this: We never got the real EarthBound. Sure it may seem like the same basic game, but if you look close, you'll see that NOA made many changes to Mr. Itoi's original vision of EarthBound/Mother 2. Though EarthBound is a great game still with NOA's changes, it probably could have been even better if we got the same game the Japanese did, except in English.

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