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Earthbound + Pepsi...Ruined Game or better? - by nypad2k

Earthbound + Pepsi...Ruined Game or better?

One day...uh, about 2 weeks ago, I was playing earthbound for god knows how long but then my drink of Pepsi spilt on the cartrage when it was still in the consle. I was so mad I thought the game might have been ruined, or so I thought...anyways, I turned it off after I saved to eat dinner (when I saved I had Paula with me, A teddy bear, My bike and some fairly good items equipted to me at the time) so then when I got back from eating, I turned the game on and a message poped up "Sorry, File 1 was deleted blah blah blah, yatta yatta yattta" and im like "Stupid Pepsi! Im switching to Coke!"

So anyways I start a new file and as I pick ness's name, the first two letters of the previous name "Justn" was inputed alredy before I even got to pick a letter, same with Paula and my dog. So then as I started the file I bursted out laughing because after the meteroite hit Ness jumped out of his bed along with PAULA. Thats the funny story but now the magical coke has granted me more fun glitches...

+Paula started with me
+All snakes gave 123908213 EXP
+Pickey is still on my team
+The dog is still on my team
+The teddy bear that paula has is equipted to me
+The Gutsy Bat was in my invatory at the starting
+When I open the command window, Talk is replaced with 0910, Goods is replaced with 01*4, and PSI is replaced with [email protected]#%236

So I guess the moral of the story is:Drink Soft drinks around old SNES games and get good results!

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nypad2k Earthbound + Pepsi...Ruined Game or better?
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