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What Happened to Good Ol' Graphics? - by Moonsider

What Happened to Good Ol' Graphics?

Well, I was just wondering, since I was sitting here with my friend. Well, I was playing a good game of Earthbound and my friend says "Man, how can you like these old games, the graphics are really bad and the game is to childish." I say "Do graphics really matter, what happened to GamePlay?" So I would really like to clear up some things about "old" games. People, graphics do NOT matter. Just because you see a game qith bad graphics does not make the game bad. My friend, who must be mentally challenged when it comes to video games, is very WRONG!

Take for instance, the highly praised "Earthbound" not the best graphics in the world, but what do you think of the gameplay? Magnificent right? Then, take "Castlevania 64" great graphics, but... The gameplay, I would say this is not the best I've seen. Which then brings me to my conclusion, "Do games have to have good graphics to actually be good?" Thank you lending your eyes to read this.

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