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The Zombie Lady - by Mike B.

The Zombie Lady

Hi everyone! This is my first article, so it probably isn't the best. I've had some ideas for articles in the past, but I couldn't get them long enough to make an article. But that isn't the point. In case you didn't get it, my article is about one of the most mysterious characters in the game, the Zombie Lady.

From the moment I saw her, I knew there wasn't something right about her. But the player's guide said to follow her, and I did. And sure enough, I got ambushed! Now here's the weird part, you never see her again. Or do you? On the beach of Summers, east of your crash site, guess who you see? That's right, the Zombie Lady! If you talk to her, she says "Don't talk to me. I can't remember anything", or something like that.

Now, this could mean many things. Maybe the zombies were threatened by Ness' arrival, so they hypnotized her into leading you into the hotel room. Or maybe Belch or Giygas hypnotized her. Or, maybe she was an agent for Belch or Giygas, and after Ness escaped from the underground room, Belch or Giygas punished her by brainwashing her and sending her to Summers. Or she was hypnotized and woke up, and went to Summers on vacation. But, I think she was either hypnotized by Giygas, and he had her go to Summers to stop Ness, but she woke up, or she was an agent for Giygas, and she went to Summers to stop Ness, but she had some Magic Cake and forgot everything.

Well, that was my article. Thanks for taking the time to read it! :)

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Mike B. The Zombie Lady
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