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A Cherished Childhood Experience - by Michael Frye

A Cherished Childhood Experience

To be perfectly honest, the first time I rented Earthbound it was because it came with a strategy guide and had a cool looking box. At the time, I hated RPG's and didn't think a game could have, involving storylines, great music, and most of all humor. Earthbound constantly proved me wrong. I loved the game. When I returned it, something was missing.

I later bought the game because before I had, I had been miserable. I was constantly bored and playing other games somehow felt ungratifying and bland. I spent hours and hours playing the game. The game later became part of my childhood. I was amazed by the game.

Recently I find that I even find my younger sister spending more time saving the Mr. Saturns and going against the Sharks more than playing my Nintendo 64 or even my new Gameboy Advance. This is why Nintendo should make a sequel. They should take note that a game that good can not only make for a great experience in a young gamer's life but actually become part of their life.

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Michael Frye A Cherished Childhood Experience
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