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Spring Stampede - by MikeTheEBGuru

Spring Stampede

With all of the GBA-related funk going around, there's plenty of speculation on what this will mean for us, the community. I've heard everything from apocalyptic speculation that this would bode bad for, and yes, those left wing "golden agers" that see this as the beginning of something amazing. While I doubt either of these will occur, one thing is for sure. We'll be gaining some people out of these games, and they couldn't be coming at a better time.

They're going to be crude. Not all newer members will have the insight of a Madfish, and plenty of them are going to need to be tamed. While plenty of newer members still believe they are treated poorly, hazing is at a low (despite the fact that I think it works), and who are we kidding? To say you were around for some semi-classic IRC happening just doesn't compare to what we're facing now. April 14 will go down as the biggest EarthBound news since EarthBound 64 was cancelled. You won't see near as many people acting near as high and mighty because they were around for (random community "thangage"). It just wouldn't compare. I was here for April 14, 2003. It was the day our franchise, our purpose, was revived. A renewed sense of EarthBoundastic vigor has come over me, and I can only hope the newer members will feel the same way. At this juncture, I don't believe in online cliques for this community; this community is my online clique. I can say with great confidence that I can connect with the local lamer as much as I can that precious webmaster. With that sense of swagger, any newer member should have no problem finding their groove. I know I did.

I only had a handful of posts on the old forums, and I've got no regrets about that. I didn't care about public opinion either. No, I was jonesing for something more fun; IRC. Without a doubt in my mind, joining IRC long before the forums was one of the best online decisions I ever made. At the very least, I'd like to think that it made up for my unoriginal nick. This is a tired subject, but Mike, he loves the kids. Al Pacino's the devil. The devil is the unproductive/oldbie side of you; personified. The kids don't need Pacino. Mike hates the devil. I am "The Funk". Pacino and I don't take too kindly to each other. Hoo hah; treat the new guys nice. They'll be coming in hordes sometime, and I'd hate to think my arms weren't wide open; ready to mold these guys into greatness while they thrust you into a Super Community of negativity. It doesn't work, and it wouldn't even make for a good movie.

Isn't that what it's all really about? You're here for entertainment, the social scene, or my excuse of "love of the game". Jordan stayed for love of the game, and look at him. He's just hanging around; yelling at his newer guys. Whatever excuse card you play, the newer people have families too. I can't speak for you, but my kind-hearted mammy wouldn't appreciate that brand of satire you just dished out on me. She'd have me folding socks, watching Blue's Clues, and making sure I was respectful of other people before you could say LeRoy Butler. Is it Leroy or Le-Roy? Madden never knew, and it's too late, right? We were looking at the last few years of a decade without any EarthBound, and, as I had hoped, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I could sit here and say I wanted a Mother 3 sequel on my GBA all this time, but: 1) I'd be lying through my teeth, 2) I avoided using the GBA as 2D leverage in the recent barnburner of a debate, 3) It's still to early to speculate whether or not the "new" GBA game will be Mother 3. For all we know, you Ness purists could get your wish with some sort of gaiden title, and 4) Mikey loves his Gamecube. After giving it some quality, shortened thought, I've concluded that I'd buy. Who am I kidding? Even if none of the newer titles are released in North America, I'd buy the Japanese versions for box art alone. I'm a sad man, but it'd be worth it for what I'd consider one of the greatest snubs of gaming history. What in the name of Ruholla Homenini is with all of this recent EarthBound sequel stuff? WT proverbial F is with all of these new batches of articles. We haven't seen this much action in years, and brother, my socks are rocked. Your local Ayatolla has no idea, and I'm left with nothing to do but rock the casbah.

The tastiest Capri Sun couldn't do justice to the way I felt when I heard the news. That's a refreshing change, huh? News. Not a rumor; good, tangible news. Now, either the staff at deserves a fruit basket, or I'm giving a certain site too much credit. Talk about EGM all you want, but they just weren't near as timely as GAF was. I tip my hat to them, and you better believe that the spoiler really helped me out. If I heard the news without the rumor(s), I can say with a tired, weary heart that there's good chance I'd have a slight emotional breakdown, but what's that when you've got your GBA, huh?

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