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Love of the Game - by MikeTheEBGuru

Love of the Game

This time, rather than exposing some minute theory or detail about EarthBound or the online community that bares its name, I thought I'd like to take a different route. Here I am, 9:30 at night, and I just beat EarthBound. In this article, I hope to detail my feelings of the game's final stages. Why? Well, one of EarthBound's biggest strong points is how the game ties up loose ends, and takes on a more serious tone before reverting back to the overall light-hearted nature of the game. That isn't easy, folks. It's a seemless transition in EarthBound, though. What a work of art.

I had just came out of Magicant. I decided against buying any magic puddings, but I did pack one Earth Pendant. Now, Ness was at a downright superb level 92 so I thought the final trek to Giygas would be a good idea. First, however, I'd need some fuel. That's right. Chili dogs. If they work for John Madden, they work for me. As I made my Multi-bottle rocket/Super plush bear/Horn of life/Brain food lunch runs, it hit me. I haven't beat EarthBound without using Game Genie to crank up my stats in quite awhile, and lately, I wasn't too interested in it, rock candy, or those wacky, crawling EXP-loving "pillas". That, and I was doing good. I didn't get the Sword of Kings or Gaia Beam, but I was having one solid game of EarthBound these past two months. After some quality ATM withdraws and spending that'd even take the US out of its recession, I decided it was time.

Cave of the Past. Whoo hoo. After being robotified, I went only a few steps before facing some of the worst combos of enemies in the game. That's right. Ghost of Starman/Final Starman and my most hated enemy of the whole game, Nuclear Reactor Robot. Collectively, those punks killed off more bears and wasted more PP than in any other battle. It took me two of those mini-wars before I had arrived to face Giygas, it was showtime. Since, like probably anyone would, I used Ness as my crutch during the Starmen/Reactor Robot fights, I had to use every single Brain Food Lunch on Ness. All five or six of them just to regain PP; that many Lifeup Omegas can do that to you. Giygas and Heavily-Armed Pokey weren't tough at all. If my short-term memory serves, I only had to use one horn of life to revive Jeff, and I really could've done without that. Talk about FAQs and walkthroughs all you want, but coasting through most of the game and a little prudent planning at the end will leave you with more of an enjoyable time than most "good" Sandler movies.

I tend to spend more time walking around after defeating Giygas more than any other point of the actual game. I doubt this type of ending is unprecedented, but it sure hit the spot. Nothing too boring, and nothing too cheesy. To be quite honest, I remember roaming as much as I can to search for any post-Giygas quests I could, but to no real avail. Did I get the librarian to plant one on me? Darn tootin. Oh, and you better believe I took a little hardcore bike ride through Deep Darkness after showing Miss Polestar home as well. Oh, and no adventure would be quite complete without trying to find Pokey with my very own lynch mob; minus the lynch mob. I scoured about every conceivable area for the guy back in the day, but now? Now, all that's on this hero's mind is a little Poo reunion, a trip back to my modest second home shack, a quick word with Down Home Burger's own Frank Fly, and yes, one final clubhouse meeting with the fellas before I packed it all in, and did I ever pack it in. A lovely cast sequence, and an equally impressive ending sequence that features my name, Attorney Tad Pickle, at the end. How perfectly ideal! Did it stop there? No, I had that little puke Picky tell me the show wasn't over. Pokey's plotting against me again, and I've got nothing but all of that pent-up aggression we all have for our neighbors, and no more gameplay to vent that anger. Sure I had my Cartman esque post-game angry tirades, but there really isn't much left to do but anticipate.

An unfinished story to one of the more comprehensive games I've played. While I don't think any new Mother titles (be it for whatever system) will deal with Ness in the slightest, I want my plea to be answered. My plea? Give me a viable hero to dominate that Pig-faced booty. Flint and those rascal sons of his? I couldn't care less. A return of Ness? Doesn't matter. Whitney Houston, Dale Earnhardt Jr., John Travolta, and LeBron James (the definitive Chosen Four)? It sure would help merchandising possibilities. EarthBound, babe, I love you. Give me one more crack at that hog scum, and yes, you will own me. It is I that miss you.

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