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The Magnificent Minch - by MikeTheEBGuru

The Magnificent Minch

Miketastic Debate Week Debacle: Article Three

Somewhere in my strange schedule, I've found the time. The time to rave over one of the best decisions in history. I'm here to dish out hype that'd make Yao Ming blush, folks. I'm here to sell you on the idea of the future of this site being bright and cheery for one sole reason. Folks, I have an article series with the title of "The Mike Factor", but this site will be genuinely rocked by what I like to call, the Picky element.

We know the man has paid his bloody dues. IRC dominator, secondary site king, and the type of guy that knows his NFL. I remember my earlier days. Co-webmaster of, I respected the man from the start. Was that were his strong work ethich ended, though? No, the kid ran Picky's EarthBound Site; only one of the classiest secondary sites we've ever seen. He had trivia, gaming reviews, and even Survivor. PEB had an extremely long run, and the guy should've been given the first Linkies Vangaurd award as far as I'm concerned. Case in point, PEB served its purpose, but it is only a fraction of what we've seen (and what we will see) out of my main man.

IRC. Sure I'll be back in a matter of weeks, and I know the guy's been known to be idle, but he's approachable. I've seen maybe a couple of posts from the last Mother 2 staffer, and none of them made her seem nearly as charismatic as this kid. He was there; shooting the breeze with the best of them. An average Joe that'll never think he's too good to update. The virtues this kid's bringing is basically what the Mother 2 section needs. Consistency, loyalty, and dedication. The man has been snubbed on plenty of staffer searches, but is he bitter? NEIN. He's been cranking out the content funk since he started, and me, I'm going to try cashing in. I've got a couple of crummy EarthBound reviews from some defunct mags, and I don't have a scanner, but I will promise to send those babies to the man sometime. Why? EarthBound section activity, my friend.

So let this "Ode to Picky" be a lesson to any of you people that landed on staff after one application; the man is back, and he's been treading the road less traveled. While I'm disappointed we probably won't be able to do that secondary site thing we were cooking up for months, I am elated to see a good guy get a good job. Imagine; EarthBound section maintainer at the most prolific EarthBound site in the world. Those distinctions will hopefully be enough incentive for the guy as he and (presumably) Colin- will have a good deal on their plates. Was this little tirade rushed? You bet your life. We are indeed in a new era. A new era with a new EarthBound man with new responsibilities on his old, tired shoulders. Hang in there, pal. You've got fans (and come next fantasy football season, foes) pulling for you.

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