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Dream and Love - by robjpub

Dream and Love

There is something I noticed over the past few years while lurking around the community known to all as Take a look around at us. Most of us seem to be very creative people. There are a majority of those who submit into the art section of the site. Some of us write poetry. Many participate in interactive fiction on the message boards. If anything can be said about our community as a whole, is that we are all extremely creative. A little crazy, but creative.

Why do you suppose that is? I personally think that it all stems from the one real reason all of us came here. We all fell in love with a Super Nintendo game called "Earthbound." Be it back in the days, or just a few days ago, it's the thing that called us together. Why?

Let us look at the game itself. It's a little strange. "Crazy events in a crazy world" is a very good way to describe it. It's all insane, yet it is fun. It helps all of us players to do something that most other games don't. It lets us tap into the imagination. And obviously it left an impact on all of us.

Now, the important thing that all of us need to do in our lives is to NEVER forget what this game has given us. It has made us creators, artists, and people that love life. We learned to embrace it by submerging ourselves into this game, and we go through life loving every aspect of it.

The game itself was the dream of its creators. They accomplished their dream and left an impact on all of our lives. Don't you ever give up on your own personal dreams. You never know who it will effect, and how fulfilling it will be. If you give up on it, you'll soon realize that that's all you have, is the dream. Love life, and live your dream.

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