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Alternate Paths, Part I - by Ultimoo

Alternate Paths, Part I

As you may have figured out by the title, this is another article regarding the currently dim future of EarthBound. I don't need to reiterate that EarthBound 64 is but several inches from the axe, and that no one seems to be concerned. If you want to know my opinion of the current condition of EarthBound 64, refer to my articles "Mother's Day Gripes," and my first article ever on the site, of which I do not remember the title of right now. Being really tired and bored from when I woke up yesterday, until about 8:30 at night, my attention span and desire for physical activity dwindled. So I decided to check around I still can say I haven't seen ALL of, as I'm usually very busy. I'm pretty sure the rest of the staff, and most of the members have seen this site from top to bottom, however. Maybe all the links as well.

Randomly fishing through links, I came across many a site that featured a new home-made EarthBound game that exists, or is in the works. It's been very long since I've taken a second look at the VERGE (Vecna's Extraordinary Roleplaying Game Engine) community on the net, let a lone having been active within it a long, long time ago. Though none of the projects mentioned used VERGE, it impelled me to recall the capabilities on the net of actually creating an RPG. The first indie (independent) EarthBound game ever to become a work-in-progress was called "EarthBound Again." This project is at least as old as Reidman's You Are Now EarthBound site. Hardly any information or media has ever been released for it. I'm not even sure what platform it's on, and I frequently speak to some of the people have worked on it (Reidman, MTEDan, MTPKevin).

Another indie game known as "Attack of the Starmen," or something to that effect was the first to my knowledge to have a demo. I don't quite recall the exact format, it was a very long time ago that I played it, but nonetheless I remember it to be interesting and something new to the EarthBound community.

EarthBoundX is another EB-based game. However, it is not exactly comparable in layout to "Attack of the Starmen" or the original EarthBound games. A very fun Arkanoid clone involving EB characters. Arkanoid is always fun. The American "release" of Mother 1 was also a product of the fans, and not the company who originally produced it. Check a back issue of the newsletter for that chapter in EarthBound history. If I have missed a mention of your game, e-mail me. Stay tuned for the second part of this article, up on the site tomorrow.

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