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Comparison Syndrome - by Ultimoo

Comparison Syndrome

Very interesting and well written article by Boomerang yesterday comparing several characters of EarthBound and Final Fantasy VII. I guess you could say the following is a broader spin-off of that article, but I can't make every article completely original. And have no fear Rangster, this isn't at all a flame, in fact you will probably find the few comparisons of your article to my opinions quite humorous. I'll begin with the idea that I don't think EarthBound can really be compared that much to Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII has been subject to what can now be known as Star Wars Episode 1 critical syndrome. It's when a really great work of art is milked dry of the infintessmally small amount of flaws and elaborated to death on them by the annoying old party men that constitute the critics. That is one reason why FF7 really has no place with EB.

Final Fantasy VII was a mainstream monster that obviously had a production time of at least two years. EarthBound at most could have taken half of that estimation to consummate the simple yet entertaining plot, the quirky graphics, and keep-you-up-late gameplay. I'd rather not get technical but characters like Ness and Cloud, and Paula and Tifa can only be discussed in difference together rather than similarities. Plus, the aspects that were explored pertaining to the characters had little of an effect on the character development. However, with the exception of "wearing miniskirts is a character flaw," I agree with just about all of Boomerang's points. EarthBound characters are definitely made to be more wholesome. Final Fantasy VII characters are a bit more melodramatic and confusingly realistic.

Hey what a great basis for article writing. Comparing the internal aspects EarthBound. The possibilities are endless. Okay I'll stop right there and save my "How to Write a Good EarthBound Article" tutorial for later. Probably next article so no one yanks that idea out of my head right through my ears. I have to thank new member DarkStarM for his colorful commentary on Boomerang's article in the IRC chat, which inspired me to look further into the article and rebound off of it tonight. Backtracking to Star Wars Episode 1 critical syndrome, EarthBound wasn't at all a mainstream game. I don't recall a single American commercial and the rare Japanese ones I had the privelege of viewing weren't what you call creative advertising. Maybe this article was too abrupt. I have to cut it short for now, so I guess you can expect a part two in the future. Later.

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