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When Will EarthBound Be Homebound Again? - by Ultimoo

When Will EarthBound Be Homebound Again?

EarthBound 64 is obviously on shaky ground, release-wise. Just taking a look at reidman's most recent article led me to recall the last couple of Nintendo Power issues. Let's recap. Mother 3 first appeared on the Pak Watch charts scheduled for something like Spring '98. Within the coming months, and the cancellation of the 64DD, EarthBound 64 was switched to cartridge and pushed back to Winter '98. Before long, at around mid-summer '98, Mother 3 continued to appear on the charts set for a Spring '99 release.

It was here that I drew the line and started to research. I eventually found some stuff on the net (64DD Headquarters) containing an interview with Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi. "We're putting on the finishing touches." That paraphrase sums up Itoi's position on the development of the game at that time. Finally my search was laid to rest and my patience for a release was renewed. So I thought. At about that exact moment, Nintendo Power slapped EB64 with a "Future" release date. Now my theory is that a "Future" release date signifies that the game will not be released by the end of the year. And for one recent issue, Nintendo Power was almost responsible for a coronary. Thank God they put it back on the release list.

Though we might have to wait until literally the next section, just remember now that when (and if) we finally get EB64 in our hands, it will without a doubt be a satisfying climax to a quest that has taken us through about two years of aggravating delays and screwjob information. Just remember that Mother 3 is the future of EarthBound.

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