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The Giygas Connection - by Ultimoo

The Giygas Connection

If you thought "The Mother Connection" was controversial, wait until you get a load of "The Giygas Connection." Get those flames pre-ordered, you're goona need them fresh and smoking by the time you finish reading this article. Let's backtrack. All the way to the beginning of EarthBound. What does Buzz Buzz tell Ness the mission of Giygas is? The total obliteration of the planet Earth, correct?? Well, there has been a very well-accepted and widely known theory on the current existence of Giygas. That there is a probability that Giygas has switched conciousnesses with Pokey. That's why Pokey was such an evil creep, and Giygas, the evil alien said stuff that sounded like they'd come from a small child. Very good theory. And by all means, it makes total sense and can be true. In fact, I support it. But just how long has Giygas inhabited Pokey?

The purpose of my theory is to explain exactly where Giygas was at the end of the game. It is my belief that you actually destroyed the innocent existence of Pokey at the end of the game. Giygas escaped into another dimension inhabiting the former body of Pokey. However, why would Giygas do that if his original plan was to destroy earth? He wouldn't. He would lead Ness to believe that Pokey escaped into another dimension, and that Ness would eventually have to follow him into this dimension. So who shows up at the end of the game, making sure that Ness takes off after Pokey.

That's right, while Ness is away from Earth, Giygas's new simple host organism will play. Picky. Ness would be chasing after the fat limp carcass of Pokey, while the evil power of Giygas instilled in Picky will have the capability to destroy earth.

All in the meanwhile, our hero is off somewhere in the universe. This would of course call for some new heroes, such as Flint, Ryukka, Lucas, etc. Names sound familiar?

Of course! Would they by any chance be from an un-released game that I have complained about in almost half of my articles?? Of course! And for one last of course,

will my theory be proved in EarthBound 64?? Of course not! One of two reasons. One, EarthBound 64 has a distinct possibility of not being released in America. Two, fate always has it to make Ultimoo look stupid and incompetent in the eye of his loyal readership (half of which I've just lost by writing this out-of-whack-but-by-all-means-possible theory-article). I think I'll cut this short for now. I've reached my 3p10l format mentioned in " Article Tutorial," and I think I've got my theory across right anyway.

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