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Mother's Day Gripes - by Ultimoo

Mother's Day Gripes

I don't believe it! Another life sign of EarthBound 64. A miniscule life sign, but a life sign, nonetheless. As I write this, I am griping once again about the conditions and status of EarthBound 64/Mother 3. Not many of us seem to realize this, but what is the EarthBound Movement without a future. Just look at the past few days. The percentage of update material was dominated by Super Smash Brothers media. Suppose Ness wasn't in Super Smash Bros., or Super Smash Brothers never came out.

How would the the main page of look?? Not remotely as beefy and impressive as it has over the past few days. It's a good thing we have a staff that can always pull something new out of their hats, whether it be rare EarthBound merchandise, or a new site layout. But we all must realize that it can't always be like that.

A measly screenshot every six months or so cannot be the future of EarthBound. I know I've complained about this in a preceeding article, but I was shocked appalled and dismayed at how many members are treating EarthBound 64 like it's a distant star. A distant star whose glow we will never bask in. That can't be true. How unbelievable it is that we have over 1700 or so signatures on the Mother on GBC petition. Let's just hope that we won't have to put forth the effort of a "Bring EB64 to the United States" petition. However, if it does come down to that, you can bet I'll be a primary supporter, if not THE coordinator. The only reason I'm not totally throwing a tantrum about the condition of this game is because of the logic involved. Think of how effortless Nintendo is when it comes to pleasing the fans. Would they even bother to release a screenshot to hold us over if they didn't plan on release it.

Mark my words though, the night before EB64 is released, I will camp out in my dad's van in front of Toys 'R' Us or wherever. Think I'll be excited?? What I don't get, and what the whole point of this article is, is why isn't everyone else this excited, or this edgy about the release of this game? Doesn't everyone realize that the lifespan of the EarthBound Movement directly corresponds with the lifespan of the EarthBound series itself?? Once we've drained Smash Bros dry for all the update material we can, we'll be once again limited to articles like this one, the newsletter, new banners, and of course, the occasional new EarthBound 64 screenshot. Personally, I love my job at I put (well just about) the best of my ability into each and every project I do. I give up my Monday (watching wrestling) and Friday (some social activity) nights to attend each and every meeting. What a waste of time and effort this would be for myself, and even more so, the webmasters if EarthBound 64 were to be canceled.

In conclusion, the fact is that without the Mother (EB64), there will be no more children ( It's the truth, so listen!

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