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Rebuttal Double Whammy - by Ultimoo

Rebuttal Double Whammy

Since I may not be able to produce an article for Thursday's (woohoo! opening night of Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace!!!) update, I'll try for a powerful showing tonight in my reversed double rebuttal whammy on my previous "The Mother Connection." I will also try and have an article for tomorrow night, so excuse the erratic article schedule. Perhaps that opening monologue was too long. What a blast of attacks I received for my theories in "The Mother Connection." The aggravating thing was most of you people obviously didn't understand what my theories actually meant. A perfect example of this is Spoony Otaku's article aptly titled, "Reply to the Mother Connection." His theories were by all means legit and reasonable. However, the content building off of direct quotes from my article are something to gripe about.

"4. Finally, I think that Giygas and Giegue are the same, and that he/it is NOT Ness's dad. If he was, why would he transfer such large amounts of money into Ness's account, allowing Ness and co. to buy weapons and eventually destroy him? That's liike he was helping Ness kill him! Also, Ness would be half-alien and weird lookin', eh? Well, that's about it. Again, my mindless ramblings may not be accurate."

At some points they were totally inaccurate. I sent an e-mail out to everyone who had something to complain about, for some reason hardly any replied. Let's start from the top. Alright, where in "The Mother Connection" do I say that Giegue and Giygas are one in the same. I know that Spoony is stating that theory as his opinion, but I nowhere in my article do I say that Ness's Dad is providing money to the heroes for the purpose of his own self-destruction? I clearly (at least so I thought) stated that Giegue was angered for some reason at his father, perhaps due to the fact that he was abandoned into the care of Ness's grandmother. Of course Giegue would want revenge, so he researches and discovers the prediction of the Apple of Enlightenment. He doesn't need to destroy Giygas himself. He just does what he can to help.

I guess I also have to explain the subject of modern genetics. Every human being on earth has dominant genes, which are commonly found traits in humans, and recessive, which are uncommon. If two people interracially marry, the dominant gene will determine the appearance of the offspring. Therefore, the human characteristics would be dominant genetically over the alien characteristics, so Ness would look human. However, a dominant alien trait could be the power to use PSI. So Ness would look human and have alien powers. Makes total sense to me. Finally, Ultimoo apologizes for the tone and controversial nature of my last article. Stay tuned for my theories on the current status of the existence of Giygas. That one will probably be good for another rebuttal double whammy.

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