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Reflections of EarthBound - by Ultimoo

Reflections of EarthBound

Ever remember a certain song; or a certain image that reflects upon a certain era in your life? And you're just like....whoa, I remember that. Now I myself haven't played the actual EarthBound game in a while, considering I have everyone on level 105, the Sword of Kings, and the Gaia Beam. However, I just recently got the Mother 2 soundtrack in the mail, and immediately popped it in the box upon its arrival.

I sat back, and suddenly felt tranquilized....the music just....carried me away. It carried me back to Onett, the land of motherly care, baseball, and secret clubhouses. It carried me to Twoson, where I remembered my early preschool days. The first time I was amazed at the towering goliath called New York City. The first time I saw snow. My first resort vacation. Aliens, dinosaurs, robots, talking beasts, mysterious lands of myth and wonder. The theme from Ness's home kicked in....

....It was then that I realized that the last time I thought about any of that wonderful stuff was during the days of my long gone childhood. The most wondrous and simple time of anyone's life, is without a doubt pre-adolescence. That is how powerful this quirky (and frequently overlooked!) little RPG is. In a cartridge, the most wonderful era of life is represented as a whole. How about that.....

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