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The World's Strongest - by Ultimoo

The World's Strongest

Once again, Moo starts his Tuesday article with a title that doesn't exactly mean what it says. Once again Moo also starts his Tuesday article speaking in cryptic codes that need to be explained. Ness is indeed the world's strongest, though he does not exist in our world, to be precise. The world I speak of is the most colorful, imaginative, and flamboyant world ever to be created: The wonderful world of Nintendo. As I had stated in a preceeding article entitled "Return of the King" (or something to that effect), Super Smash Bros. was the latest game to be added to my Nintendo 64 collection.

Of course since acquiring Smash Bros., I've been scouring the net in search of determining just how well Ness can measure up to his heroic counterparts. It wasn't long before I stumbled upon an extensive guide by a certain Brian Dawson at This guide was entitled Smash Bros. 101. Indeed it was! It delivered every move for every character, and even rated each of them on a scale from * to *****. What authority! Much to my disappointment though, Ness only ranked a ****, and continued to be, well, sub-superior to the other characters in the game in every FAQ and strategy guide I would come across. Fed up, I decided to do a little play testing of my own! Now it's not like I decided to figure out who was the best by using the computer guides instead of the actual game. It's just that the fact is, I'm not exactly your avid fighting-gamer. In fact, 9 out of 10 games I so much as take a second look at are RPGs.

So of course I couldn't determine how Ness measured up to his peers by actually using him. Here's where the light bulb clicked on. I entered the free-for-all battle mode, where you can have any single assortment of battle. Tag-teams, duels, handicapped matches, etc. Then I decided to set every character to their highest skill levels. Onward, I had Ness battle each and every character to the death, each character using their best computer AI instead of human controlled. Surprise! Our hero whooped each and every resident of the Nintendo world! That made my day! Hope this article made yours (yeah right, well, I promise a better article on Thursday). Hey if anyone ever does the same thing, tell me the results. Let's find out if Ness can keep his undefeated streak!

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