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Full Blast - by Ultimoo

Full Blast

You heard right. Apparently, we'll have a few registered clones popping up all over the place soon. I don't mean like blatant down-to-the-graphics clones. Well, we had one of those too but luckily that's taken care of. What I mean is other sites are getting refistered domain names and preparing for head-on competition with Seems like they'll have about the same stuff as, considering that we have just about everything EarthBound that exists on the net. The purpose of this article is to let everyone know that you should expect some radical changes on the site before long. Just to recap earlier posts on the main page, is going to be come a lot more information heavy. We need more game info and we need it fast.

There are indeed some fan sites that are in our links section that have more information about the characters of the game, weapons, items, etc. Some pages have just as much info on the game as the strategy guide. is not one of them, which is why you will see an avalanche of such solid info in the updates of the near future. Does this mean that is going to become a text-heavy FAQ database? Of course not. For one thing you can count on me for a steady (even if sometimes slightly delayed) delivery of articles and even fanfics now. The staff will go about their normal jobs. The staffers running sections of the game will just pick up the pace on game information.

The results are simple.'s content will be totally MAXED OUT. How does that sound? Anyway, it seems I've been more of a columnist regarding the actual site than I have the game itself. As far as a staff columnist writing about EarthBound, the game; look no further than Davey, our new staff columnist. His first article here should be posted along with the rest of....Ultimoo's Weekend Update Blitz!! As a columnist myself, I see Davey as a promising writer who seems to be both skillful and dedicated to his work. Congratulations, Davey. Well, looks like about that time to finish the Weekend Update Blitz. Time to cut this one short. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and most importantly of all, look forward to gremmlin's coverage of Mother 3 at Spaceworld!!

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