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The earthbound river. - by unacat

The earthbound river.

The other day, I was thinking about where HQ was on the Earthbound map. I hypothesized it was near onett, some think it's in fourside, yadda yadda yadda. That isn't the point I'm trying to get across. The point is: Freddy Spaghetti must be a weird looking toy. NO! that's not it! ah... maybe I'll figure it out in the next paragraph.

So anyway, I was trying to sketch out a map o' eagleland. I drew a box for onett, made a very small giant step near it, drew the box for twoson, burglin park, etc etc. Then when I got to the Saturn Valley box, I noticed that it was right below Peaceful rest valley. Which reminds me, Why is a place that has Ufo's, moving trees, and iron shaped statue pencils everywhere, called Peaceful? As 17 out of 27 #stamen chatters would say: ...

But anyway, Do you know what this means? That I have a mushroom on my head? That's absolutely right- HEY! I HAVE NO MUSHROOMZOR, KAY? Anyway, it must mean that s.valley and non-peaceful rest valley share the same river! or do they? AUIGH! I need some sleep. Goodnight.

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