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Runaway Blues Brothers? - Part 2 - by Kasady Voorhees

Runaway Blues Brothers? - Part 2

I went into physical differences already. Now I will dig into the other stuff that can be compared. Note, Blues Bros 2000 will be ignored, as it hadn't happened by the time EB came out, and backup bands will not be included.

First, there was always some sort of money problem. Jake and Elwood were never in debt, but found a way into it. Jake was getting out of prison in the first, and he was in for robbing a gas station because the band had no more hotel money.

Second, the movie plot was for them to gain $5000 to save an old church-run school which they grew up in. As for the Runaway Five, they always find themselves in money trouble somehow. But instead of robbing or leading car chases, they let kids bail them out. On the other hand, the Runaway Five were trying to stay out of jail, while the Blues Bros. didn't seem to care. Which brings another point- Elwood was always seen stealing something, while Lucky was honest. Of course, the Runaway 5 never had a problem finding a place to play.

Their attitudes also leave a wide difference. The Runaway Five were always kind and neat, while jake and Elwood could be dirty, foulmouthed, and rude almost on command. Transportation was also another difference. The Runaway Five used an actual tour bus, while the Blues Bros. were limited to an old cop car.

Games also play a role. the Runaway Five have been in Earthbound so far, but the Blues Bros. have had a game for PC, NES, and SNES, and possibly more. Plus other merchandising- dolls, albums, posters, a Hot Wheels car, ect. Unfortunately, with such little exposure, the Runaway 5 have yet to get much. Hopefully we'll see them in EB64, but so far, we're getting a replacement band.

And one final closing note, who can leave out the music? Visually and sound-wise, they are similar, but since we can't hear the Runaway Five actually sing, the music comparison is cut short. Maybe if they're in EB64 they'll be heard(unless it's a high-voiced sound a lot of game characters get anymore. maybe they'll get Dan Akroyd though). One thing to note- not related to this, but mentionable, on the Japanese Goonies 2 NES box, in one small corner, the faces of what appear to be Jake and Elwood are visible, but this isn't on the US box cover. A sign of the connections?

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Kasady Voorhees Runaway Blues Brothers?
7/31/06 0.00
Kasady Voorhees Runaway Blues Brothers? - Part 2
7/31/06 0.00


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