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EarthBound: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut! - by OtakuJeff

EarthBound: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut!

Howdy-ho! Otaku Jeff here to tell you about the relations between The South Park Movie, and EarthBound. First, the relations of South Park to EarthBound.

Notice how when they’re going to free Terrance and Phillip Cartman is wearing A YELLOW BACKPACK??? When I mention "Yellow Backpack," doesn’t that immediately make you think of Ness? But of course, now your thinking, "Cartman is wearing a yellow backpack, that’s just a coincidence!" oh but there is still more my friend! You know how "The Mole" died in the movie? This comes to 2 relations. First, his name. Well DUH, "The Mole" equals "Mondo Mole". Second is what happened to him. Notice how he helped the friends on the journey, and then died? Doesn’t that remind you of Buzz-Buzz? Next, remember when Cartman kept seeing Kenny after he died? Now I’m not sure about you, but that reminds me of when you slept in the hotel in Twoson and Paula used telepathy to tell you that she was locked up.

Also, remember when Cartman’s V-Chip got mutated and when he swore electricity came out of his hands? That reminds me of both PSI Thunder AND a Super Saiyan attack (Super Saiyan is from Dragon Ball Z). Now, do you also remember when Satan came out to take over Earth, and Cartman and his friends defeated them? Two words: "Giygas’ Defeat". Finally, to end this part of my article, after they were done, it was like the ENDING to EarthBound (you EBounders should know what that was like ^-^). Now I’ll tell you the relations of EarthBound to South Park.

Notice how you call Pokey the "Fat Boy", "Fat Arse" (sorry the censors will get me >_<), "Blubber-Butt", and others, don’t Cartman’s friends call him that? On another thingy, in a program called "The Palace" I edited a picture of Pokey to look like Cartman =D. Also, in Mother 2, Jackie’s Café is called Jackie’s BAR. There is also a Jackie’s Bar in South Park. what else is there...ah yes! Winters, the infinite winter country...notice how its always snowy in South Park no matter what time of year ALSO? Now who could forget Threed, the city attacked by Zombies, South Park was ALSO attacked by Zombies. What about Scaraba? Didn’t that remind you of when Cartman was stuck in Africa?

Oh no! I’m running out of things to say! THERES the bus! WOO! IM OUTTA HERE!

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OtakuJeff EarthBound: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut!
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