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My Ramblings - Oshawa - by SLing

My Ramblings - Oshawa

Today I'm going to tell you a story about my hometown, Oshawa. Somehow, this crazy mixed-up city actually has a tie-in with It all started one and a half years ago, in #earthbound...

I had just started coming to #earthbound a few weeks before the first 'incident' happened. I was chatting, and then I started talking to a person named Jamie_M. All of you #earthbounders know who he is, so I dont have to explain. Anyways, he noticed we were using the same ISP. So we started talking, and I found out that we lived very close to eachother... He lived in the city beside mine. I didn't really think much of this at the time, but little did I know this was the start of a very weird expierence that I cant really explain.

Fast forward about 2 months. I had made more friends, and I had made enemies. One day, when I was in my friends channel someone by the name of y2k9 came in and asked for ops. Of course, I didn't give him any, so he kept bugging me. I eventually banned him, but he kept coming in with different nicks asking for ops. These nicks included "Dog-Byte" and "kicker." I thought to myself "He's very annoying..." And forgot about him. For awhile, that was. Then I met someone else named magickoopa. He was a strange fellow, to say the least, but overall I figured he was an OK guy.

Now, I was pretty unassuming about what was really happening for awhile, but about two months ago that all changed. I was in #earthbound, talking with a few people (including Jamie_M.) One of the guys there, Trunks-SSJ, asked where everyone lived. Heres how the conversation went:

Trunks-SSJ: Where does everyone live?
SLing: Canada
Trunks-SSJ: Oh, whereabouts in canada?
SLing: Near toronto
Trunks-SSJ: Cool! I live in oshawa!

Of course, I immediatley started laughing. I started to ask whereabouts in Oshawa, and when he wouldn't answer me I told him I lived in it too. He was shocked, and then he said the one thing that I wasn't really expecting to hear:

Trunks-SSJ: Do you know magickoopa? He lives in Oshawa too... He goes to my school!

I immediatley fell out of my chair and got back up, but then preceeded to run around my house screaming in pure fear. But thats not the real "kicker," (ha ha I made a funny,) its what he said next:

Trunks-SSJ: Oh, y2k9 also lives in oshawa!

Now, I started to pull my hair out. I didn't want to know these things... But eventually I calmed down. So, after I found all of this out, we made the #oshawa club, a club of 8 of us who all live in oshawa or the surrounding area. In closing, I'd have to say that Oshawa has the most sm.netters living in one city ever.

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